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The Bennett-McWilliams Lecture Series

The Bennett-McWilliams Lecture Series is funded by our alumni Fred Bennett (S ’86) and Bruce McWilliams (S ’78, ’81). "We thank Fred Bennett and Bruce McWilliams for helping us to bring the world's leading cosmologists to Carnegie Mellon to interact with and inspire our faculty and students," said Buhl Professor of Theoretical Physics Fred Gilman at the inaugural lecture in 2013. Internationally recognized scientists are invited to give a public lecture on a topic of current interest in cosmology. The lectures are geared towards a broad audience.

Past Lectures

Bennett-McWilliams Lecture, Fall 2017:

Dan Akerib

Stanford University

Do WIMPs Rule?

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BMW 2016

Bennett-McWilliams Lecture, Spring 2016:

Lars Hernquist

Harvard University

Next-Generation Cosmological Simulations: Galaxy Assembly and Evolution

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BMW 2016

Bennett-McWilliams Lecture, Fall 2014:

Neta A. Bahcall

Princeton University

Lighting up the Dark: Where is the Dark Matter?

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BMW F2014

Bennett-McWilliams Lecture, Spring 2014:

David Spergel

Princeton University

Taking the Universe's Baby Picture

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BMW S2014

Bennett-McWilliams Lecture, Fall 2013:

Alan Guth

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse?

BMW F2013