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Resources relevant to faculty, staff, graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduates.

"The Office of Title IX Initiatives is dedicated to promoting gender equity at Carnegie Mellon University, which includes coordinating the University's efforts to prevent and effectively respond to all forms of gender discrimination (including gender identity discrimination) and sexual misconduct impacting community members, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, and stalking."

The Title IX website contains many resourses and relevant events occuring on campus.

In adition, you can read Carnegie Mellon University's Policy Against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault here.

Co-authored by CMU Physics' own Dr. Diana Parno, the second edition of the LGBT+ Inclusivity in Physics and Astronomy: A Best Practice Guide is a thorough guide to fostering inclusivity in physics and astronomy departments from the undergraduate classroom all the way to hiring and promotions at the professor level.

A liaison is a neutral third party responsible for helping address professional issues that arise. There are department, college, and university level liaison to help graduate students resolve conflicts they encounter.

For a more detailed description of the role of a liaison and a summary of graduate student appeal and grievance procedures, visit the MCS website.

The following are liaison at various levels within Carnegie Mellon University:

"The Graduate Women’s Gatherings are opportunities to meet that focus on issues of particular concern to graduate women. Women in academia face distinct challenges. This is particularly true for women in the sciences and technical fields, where they have been, and remain, under-represented.

The Graduate Women’s Gatherings are opportunities for women of the graduate student, post-doctoral fellows, faculty and administrator communities to network, share ideas and experiences, gather resources."

Preregistration for these events is required. Visit their webpage for more information and registration for the next gathering, or email Jamie Rossi to be added to the email list.

Located in the lower level of the Cohon University Center, across from the Campus Bookstore, is the Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion. In addition to the Center being a fantastic space for engaging in meaningful dialogue on diversity and inclusion within the university community, the Center hosts a variety of events and programming.
Check out this list of university based graduate organizations including AlliesGrad, the Black Graduate Student Organization, and the Latino/a Graduate Student Organization.
Facebook page for CMU Women in Science, promoting community, services, and events for underrepresented minorities in science.