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Steve Wray Named Executive Director for CMU's Block Center for Technology and Society

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Peter Kerwin
University Communications & Marketing

Carnegie Mellon University announced today that Steve Wray has been appointed executive director of the Block Center for Technology and Society(opens in new window). In this role, Wray will lead the operations of the Block Center while collaborating with CMU staff, faculty leadership, external advisers and a network of partners to set strategy, track goals and expand the reach of the center.

"We're excited to leverage Steve's leadership and expertise to take the Block Center to the next level," said Ramayya Krishnan(opens in new window), dean of CMU's Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy(opens in new window). "His experience will allow the Block Center to keep pace with the ever-evolving and increasingly major role technology and policy plays in our daily lives."

Steve Wray

Prior to joining CMU, Wray (pictured) served as senior vice president and principal at Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI), a Philadelphia-based firm that provides business and policymakers with consulting services in economics, transportation, innovation, planning and development. Wray led the firm in developing new partnerships and enhancing existing practice areas. Before his time at ESI, Wray was the executive director of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and the managing director of the Pennsylvania Economy League. Wray also served as policy director for former Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. and Acting Gov. Mark Singel.

"I am excited about what is ahead for the Block Center," said Wray. "The intersection of technology, society and public policy is rapidly changing, and Carnegie Mellon and the Block Center are well-positioned to take a leadership role in developing the solutions that will guide this transformation and ensure that technological change and innovation is a force for social good and inclusion."

Established in 2019, as a university-wide center and housed within CMU's Heinz College, the Block Center focuses on how emerging technologies will alter the future of work, how artificial intelligence(opens in new window) and analytics can be responsibly harnessed for social good, and how innovation in these spaces can be more inclusive and generate targeted, relevant solutions that reduce inequality and improve quality of life for all.

Wray is a graduate of Duke University and received a master's degree in public management and policy from CMU.

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