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Devdeep Sarkar

Devdeep Sarkar

Vice President in the Fixed Income Strategy Division at J.P. Morgan

Devdeep Sarkar is a Vice President in the Fixed Income Strategy Division at J.P. Morgan, where he focuses on volatility strategy (interest rate options) and contributes to the Interest Rate Derivatives section of the U.S. Fixed Income Markets Weekly.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

This role satisfies my hunger of doing analytical work and also provides an opportunity to work with clients. I enjoy the balance – 50% is building models and writing research and 50% is client facing. Any and every client of J.P. Morgan gets our research, which features our thoughts about the market and the recommended trading strategies. We publish our research almost every week, frequently discuss our thoughts with clients, provide them with the necessary analytics and occasionally organize conferences and educational seminars.

How has MSCF helped you throughout your career?

I came to MSCF to get my foot in the door, and during the campus interview in January 2012, I had a number of internship offers. Maybe I was tremendously lucky, but I don’t think I would have had any of them had I not been a part of the program. When I joined MSCF, I was talking to one of the alumni, and it was through that conversation that I learned this job would be perfect for me. MSCF helped me 100% in that aspect. 

Were there any courses that have helped you in your current role?

MSCF is a great program that offers a balanced approach. I think it is the balance of everything I learned that helps day-to-day. I use statistics almost every day. Given the nature of my work, I also frequently look at some aspects of stochastic calculus. The finance courses helped me better understand the markets, and the Speakers Series provided a good opportunity to engage in discussions and learn more about the real world outside of the problems we were solving in the classroom.

What attracted you to MSCF compared to other programs?

I wanted to enroll in a program where I knew I could get an internship since most banks convert interns into full-time hires. Since I didn’t have finance experience, MSCF was the perfect tool for me to bridge the gap between my background in physics to the finance world. The program was structured to develop talent for the industry – it was the most efficient route for me to make this transition.