Carnegie Mellon University
January 22, 2020

Sondi Says Farewell

Sondi Pripstein, Director, MSCF Career Services, has announced her retirement this coming Spring. We caught up with Sondi to get some final pearls of wisdom and thoughts on her time with MSCF, CMU and the many students and alumni whose lives she’s touched.

What is your fondest memory of MSCF? 

Diffy Paljevic, who is not only my BFF, but has become another sister to me! We have worked so closely together for the past 12 years that we finish each other’s sentences (not infrequently with four-letter words). 

What do you remember about your first day working with MSCF?

How very different MSCF students are from Tepper MBAs. Not only younger, but they usually even take my advice! Working at the NY location has helped me to forge very tight relationships with the students. In fact, as I never got around to having kids of my own, for 16 months, they ARE my kids and I am one of their “Den Mothers”.

What did you gain from your CMU education that helped in your current role?

An understanding of the importance of buzz words/jargon and that it’s usually better to say “May I get back to you with the answer?”, rather than guessing– even if it is a  “SWAG”. And, of course, presentation skills.

Plus, I learned so much from my classmates, who were actual adults and had careers before enrolling in GSIA, with families, kids and mortgages.

Do you have any plans for your retirement?

In the short-term, I’ll probably work for one of Presidential candidates.

Longer-term, I plan to volunteer with an organization dedicated to improving Numeracy Skills across America.

Share something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.

Two things:

  1. My Mom was a school teacher. I swore that I would spend my life in the corporate world, rather than in academia. The past 12 years have been BY FAR the best part of my entire career. You have all made my life so much fuller!
  2. I was not really two-years-old when I earned my MBA. I really am older than I look. Thus, my retirement.

As you leave your role, what is something you would like the MSCF students and alumni to know?

You will ALWAYS be in my heart and I WILL try to learn Mandarin before traveling to China!

I have never before been a member of such a culturally-diverse high-performing-team. Having grown up in a VERY small town in Western PA, it is truly wonderful to open up your mind and heart to people like Diffy, Queeta, Kesha, Catalina and David. I’ve learned so much from them and hopefully, vice versa.