Carnegie Mellon University

Quantitative Finance Careers Guide

Considering a career in quantitative finance? Learn about the quant finance industry and the top career paths of master’s program graduates in computational finance, financial engineering and mathematical finance.


The 14-page MSCF Careers Guide outlines the fundamental transformation of the finance industry and the key trends driving demand for “financial engineers” who play a vital role in trading, financial modeling and risk management.

For each of the five primary career paths, the guide covers a range of topics including:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Required skill sets
  • Entry-level job titles
  • Salaries and signing bonuses

The MSCF Careers Guide also includes insightful perspectives from industry practitioners and MSCF alumni.  Download your copy today!


New Alumni Career Report!

We surveyed MSCF alumni and compiled key insights on their job changes, promotions, compensation growth and top skills for quant finance success. Complete the form and you will also receive a copy of this exclusive report.