Carnegie Mellon University

MSCF Business Communication I

Course Number: 46906

Concentration: General
Semester(s): Fall, Mini 1
Required/Elective: Required
Prerequisite(s): None

The world's top financial organizations want the best communicators. Excellent communicators develop their skills through constant practice and craft. To that end, MSCF offers Business Communication 1. Business Communication 1 focuses on interviewing, networking, and non-verbal language, as well as the cultural influences that affect various business communication. The course immerses students in networking, speaking, writing and interviewing through an interactive experience that includes role play, team exercises, many one-to-one interactions, mock interviews, and peer review. Other MSCF courses requiring written and spoken assignments link to this course. The MSCF Speakers Series is also connected to this course through selected writing/speaking assignments.