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EA Additional Major Curriculum

Carnegie Mellon recognizes that there are STEM-minded students who want the opportunity to formally incorporate their fine arts talents with their current study in engineering. In order to accommodate students who wish to pursue an education in both areas, while retaining the full engineering curriculum, we offer an additional major that combines the strengths of the the College of Engineering (ENG) and the College of Fine Arts (CFA). The Engineering and Arts (EA) additional major is an interdisciplinary program that offers a unique group of qualified Engineering students the foundation to develop their skills and interests in an area of the fine arts and engineering.

BXA Requirements 36
CFA Concentration 108-114
Total EA Addtl Major Requirements 144-150 units

Undergraduate Catalog

BXA Requirements

BXA-specific courses give students the opportunity to integrate their CFA concentration area with their primary engineering major by focusing on interdisciplinary approaches and arts-based research techniques.

BXA Requirements [pdf]

CFA Concentration

Students choose their fine arts concentration from among the following schools in CFA: Architecture, Art, Drama or Music. A student must meet entry requirements for the specific CFA school of their choice.

Architecture [pdf]
Drama [pdf]
Music [pdf]