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Interdisciplinary Academics + Arts

Additional Major Admission

The Engineering and Arts (EA) additional major is intended for College of Engineering students who also have interest and talent in an arts concentration (architecture, art, drama or music) and goals that can only be accomplished at the intersection of those disciplines.

EA applications are considered every semester, with a deadline of mid-semester break for admission in the following semester. (See below for exceptions.) Along with the application, our additional major committee also considers prior semester grades and mid-semester grades for the semester of application. Decisions are sent out in advance of registration for the following semester. 

The application includes an Essay of Interdisciplinary Intent, in which a student explains why they’re interested in the two areas and why they want to combine them. This essay should be brief—12 pages—and specific about both a student’s background in the concentration areas and what their goals are for bringing them together.

Completing an additional major demands advanced planning and preparation to determine the most appropriate semester to take requirements. All students applying for EA should create a planned schedule of courses and meet at least once with the BXA Director before submitting the application.

Students currently in the College of Engineering should consult with their engineering advisor as well as the advisor in the CFA school they’d like a concentration in. We recommend that students take one or two courses in their target area of concentration before applying, and most CFA schools will require either a portfolio review or an audition. These reviews/auditions should be scheduled with the CFA advisor in that school.

EA dramaturgy only considers applicants in the fall semester for spring enrollment. Acting, directing and musical theater are not available options for EA drama concentrations [PDF].