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BXA Intercollege Degree Programs

Interdisciplinary Academics + Arts

First-Year Admission

The BXA Intercollege Degree Programs are intercollege degree-granting programs designed for students who’d like to combine and blend their interests in the fine arts and either computer science, engineering, humanities/social sciences or natural sciences/mathematics, rather than pursue a conventional major and degree in either individual program.

In order to be considered for a BXA program under Early or Regular Decision, select the College of Fine Arts (CFA) school that you wish to apply to and then you’ll be asked if you’d like to be considered for a BXA program. At that point you’ll be able to note your interest in either the Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts (BCSA), Bachelor of Engineering Studies and Arts (BESA), Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) or Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA). Applicants will be considered for both the fine arts school as well as the specific BXA program indicated as part of the admission process.

Application components vary somewhat for BCSA, BESA, BHA and BSA candidates depending on your intended focus in CFA. You must complete the specific application requirements (portfolio review, pre-screen, audition or interview) for your particular CFA focus. Please note: Students interested in drama may select from three options in the School of Drama: 1) design, 2) dramaturgy or 3) production technology & management. Students interested in music may select from the four options in the School of Music: 1) audio recording & production, 2) composition, 3) music performance or 4) sound theory & practice.

BXA options aren’t available to students applying to the School of Drama options in directing, musical theater and acting. Under Early Decision, BXA is only available for the School of Architecture, School of Art, School of Design and School of Drama options in design/production.