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BXA Intercollege Degree Programs

Interdisciplinary Academics + Arts

BHA DC Advisors

BHA Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC) Academic Advisors
Anthropology Paul Eiss BH 336 412-268-6580
Behavioral Economics, Policy & Organizations
Decision Science (last names A-F)
Lizzy Stoyle BH 208G 412-268-7810
Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive Science
Erik Thiessen BH 342G 412-268-6747
Creative Writing Jim Daniels BH 260B 412-268-2842
Decision Science (last names G-Z)
Policy & Management
Connie Angermeier PH 208A 412-268-3251
Economics Kathleen Conway TEP 2407 412-268-3121
Professional Writing
Technical Writing
James Wynn BH 145M 412-268-9765
Environmental & Sustainability Studies Abigail Owen
Ethics Mara Harrell BH 152 412-268-8152
Ethics, History, & Public Policy
Public Policy
Alex London BH 150A 412-268-4938
Gender Studies Lisa Tetrault BH 252 412-268-4440
Global Studies
Social & Political History
Andrew Ramey BH 240F 412-268-7906
Global Systems & Management Brandy Wilson HBH 3029 412-268-3066
International Relations & Politics
Politics & Public Policy
Emily Half BH A55B 412-268-7082
Japanese Studies Yasufumi Iwasaki BH 139C 412-268-8053
Linguistics Tom Werner BH 155F 412-268-3375
Logic & Computation
Joel Smith BH 161C 412-268-8946
Statistics & Machine Learning
Samantha Nielsen BH 132A 412-268-8463

For concentrations not listed, please consult with your BXA academic advisor to determine the most appropriate DC faculty advisor.