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Integrated Innovation: Online Experience

You’re an innovator and design thinker. You are ready to learn more and grow your skills with real graduate coursework, but you are also busy.  iii's Online coursework attracts career-minded individuals who are looking for a flexible learning structure that allows them both to go to school and to continue working full time. You choose your pace: one course at a time or one certificate at a time. You also choose how deeply your studies will take you: one certificate, multiple certificates, or a complete master’s degree program

All of the coursework in iii Online teaches students to:

  • Work alongside professionals from various disciplines including engineering, design and business
  • Address industry and society’s problems through new products
  • Tackle complex issues in the product development process
  • Build real-world knowledge through targeted class projects

Ideal for

Engineers, designers, and business professionals looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible to create the next generation of products & services.

Skills & Career Paths

  • Product Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Design Strategy Consulting
  • Product Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Research

Online Master’s Degree

A comprehensive dive into the design, business and strategy of innovation

To earn the online Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services, students are required to complete four stackable certificates which may be taken in any order. 


Step 1: Complete four online certificates.

Utilizing project-based learning, gain the skills needed to move from concept to completion. Use data-driven decision-making and ethnographic techniques to identify opportunities that appeal to your users, and build visual communication techniques that push your ideas to new levels.

Grow your knowledge of marketing, engineering, accounting and manufacturing as you learn how product and brand managers work cross-functionally. Learn how to successfully launch a product, evaluate its potential, develop a sales strategy and build leadership skills.

Use traditional design techniques to tackle design challenges that will take you outside of your comfort zone. Gain knowledge and understanding of your users’ needs and likes, and understand the techniques required to deploy a design that exceeds user expectations while building product loyalty. 

Build your understanding of the abilities and limitations of human-computer systems and interactions. Gain experience in collaborative projects with other professionals — people who challenge and motivate you as you work to set up your product or service for future success.

Step 2: Take the final capstone course.

After completing the four stackable certificate, students enroll in the final capstone course, which wraps up their master’s-level studies.

Put all of the concepts you’ve already learned to work as you collaborate with fellow students to build real-world professional skills. Combine engineering, business and design in this final course to complete the master’s degree. Identify, understand, conceptualize and introduce a product opportunity as you develop and present a functional design and marketing plan.

Master’s Program Timeline. Your Program. Your Pace.

The master’s degree may be completed in as quickly as five semesters or may be extended to nine semesters. Students choose their pace and may change it during their studies — speeding up or slowing down as needed.

Traditional Degree Process

  • 21 months or 5 semesters with no breaks
  • 1 certificate per semester
  • 20 hours per week 

Accelerated Degree Process

  • 12 months or 3 semesters with no breaks
  • 2 certificates per semester
  • 40 hours per week

Extended Degree

  • 36 months or 9 semesters
  • 1 module (1/2 certificate) per semester
  • 10 hours per week

Online Certificates

Targeted education on a specific innovation issue.

Students may also take individual certificates — the same ones offered in the master’s degree program — on a stand-alone basis. Four certificates are offered for exploration and to build career advancement opportunities.

Once a certificate is completed, students may choose to return and earn more certificates —or work toward a master’s degree as long as it’s completed within five years of starting the process.

Students may choose from the following certificates:

Methods & Tools for Product Innovation

New Product Management

Product Design Innovation

Technology for Product Management

Online Certificate Overview

Certificate Timeline

Each certificate is comprised of two sections which may be taken concurrently or sequentially. This means that the certificate may be completed in either one (taking two sections) or two (taking just one section) semesters.

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