Carnegie Mellon University
November 28, 2022

Jaramillo to serve on NASEM Roundtable

EPP Professor Paulina Jaramillo has been selected to serve on the National Academies' Roundtable on Macroeconomics and Climate-related Risks and Opportunities. The Roundtable will improve the understanding of how the physical and transition effects of climate change relate to and affect macroeconomic performance and the implications for fiscal, monetary, and financial stability policies.

The newly established Roundtable will be a venue for federal agencies and cross-disciplinary experts in academia, industry, and non-governmental organizations to discuss challenges associated with incorporating climate change risks and opportunities into macroeconomic analysis, including: (1) how to translate the uncertain impacts of climate change and the transition to net-zero carbon emissions economies into inputs to macroeconomic analyses; and (2) how to adjust macroeconomic models and analytic approaches to accommodate the unique characteristics of climate risks and opportunities.  

Activities of the Roundtable will help identify currently available data and analyses that can inform policy-making as the nation transitions to a net-zero carbon economy and prepares for anticipated impacts of climate change, highlight gaps in needed data and analyses, and provide a mechanism to expand relevant research efforts among both established and early career researchers. The Roundtable will focus on advancing data and methodologies that would support the development of macroeconomic analysis that inform the federal budget process in the United States, drawing upon international expertise and policies.

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