Carnegie Mellon University
March 24, 2020

Jon Peha featured in The New York Times

EPP and ECE professor Jon Peha was recently featured in The New York Times article, So We're Working From Home. Can The Internet Handle It? Peha was quoted in the article saying, the entirety of the internet infrastructure — home networks, last-mile services, private networks run by companies, the points of interchange between networks and the backbone superhighway at the core — would be stress-tested in coming days.

“Lives depend on reducing face-to-face interaction. and the internet is perfect for that,” Mr. Peha said. “But there is a risk that usage will surge and capacity will be inadequate and performance will suffer. This is new ground for all of us.”

To find out more about how others are coping with the challenges of working from home, and to read the full article, go here.