Carnegie Mellon University
May 21, 2017

EPP Commencement 2017

EPP Commencement 2017

Commencement ceremonies on May 21, 2017 honored Carnegie Mellon's class of 2017. Engineering and Public Policy - which proudly celebrates forty years as a department this year - recognized the newest PhDs, master's students, and undergraduates who will move on to pursue opportunities at the intersection of technology and policy.

PhD Graduates

  • EPP Diploma Ceremony 2017Matthew Babcock
    Thesis: Exploring and Bridging Group Divides in Climate Communications
  • Casey Canfield
    Thesis: Using Vigilance to Quantify Human Behavior for Phishing Risk
  • Frankie Catota Quintana
    Thesis: Cybersecurity Capabilities in a Critical Infrastructure Sector of a Developing Nation 
  • Olutayo Fabusuyi
    Thesis: The Mode Most Traveled:  Parking Implications and Policy Responses
  • Felipe Aguiar Marcondes de Faria
    Thesis: Hydropower Development in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Michael Ford
    Thesis: Studies in Nuclear Power: Low Risk and Low Carbon
  • Brock Glasgo
    Thesis: Device-Level Data Analytics to Guide Policy
  • Shelly Hagerman
    Thesis: Economics of Behind-the-Meter Solar PVand Energy Storage
  • Qiwei Han
    Thesis: Essays on Consumer Switching and Search Behavior
  • Nathaniel Horner
    Thesis: Powering the Information Age: Metrics, Social Cost Optimization Strategies,  and Indirect Effects Related to Data Center Energy
  • Richard Huntsinger
    Thesis: Evaluating Forecasting Performance in the Context of Process-Level Decisions: Methods, Computation Platform, and Studies in Residential Electricity Demand Estimation
  • Long Thanh Lam        
    Thesis: Innovation in China’s Renewable Energy Industry
  • Julian Lamy           
    Thesis: Optimal Locations for Siting Wind Energy Projects: Technical Challenges, Economics, and Public Preferences
  • Len Necefer
    Thesis: Development of a Decision Aid for Energy Resource Management for the Navajo Nation Incorporating Environmental Cultural Values
  • Daniel Posen
    Thesis: Feedstock, or Neither? Evaluating Tradeoffs in the Use of Biomass for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
  • Stephanie Seki 
    Thesis: Evaluating the Economic, Environmental and Policy Impacts of Ethanol as a Transportation Fuel in Pennsylvania 
  • Jeffery Song
    Thesis: Sense of the Noise: Statistical Analysis of Environmental DNA Sampling for Invasive Asian Carp Monitoring Near the Great Lakes
  • Chin Yen Tee
    Thesis: Market Design for the Future Electricity Grid: Modeling Tools and Investment Case Studies
  • Paul Tisa
    Thesis: Department of Defense Energy and Logistics: Implications of Historic and Future Cost, Risk, and Capability Analysis
  • Fan Tong
    Thesis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Economic and Environmental Implications of Using Natural Gas to Power On-Road Vehicles in the United States 
  • Nathaniel Williams
    Thesis: Microgrid Utilities for Rural Electrification in East Africa: Challenges and Opportunities 
  • Xiaochen Zhang
    Thesis: Welfare Properties of Recommender Systems

Master of Science – Engineering & Public Policy

  • Jeffrey Anderson
  • Sun Hee Baik
  • Jaison Desai
  • Tylesha Drayton
  • Alessandro Giordano
  • Katherine McMahon
  • Erezi Ogbo
  • Manar Sarie
  • Brian Sergi

Undergraduate Additional Majors

Chemical Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy

  • Trevor Hadick
  • Samantha Ho
  • Adam Somers

Civil Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy

  • Maskana Adedjouman
  • Shyama Sadashiv Pierce
  • Rohan Romario Sinclair
  • Nikhita Singh
  • Leon Sukhram

Electrical & Computer Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy

  • Robert Dioso
  • Kerolos Mikaeil
  • Nicholas Wilson

Materials Science & Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy

  • Jaewoo (Chris) Kim
  • Haobo Wang

Mechanical Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy

  • Jacob Bartel
  • Melyssa Eigen
  • Nadia Florman
  • Mitchell Gelpi
  • Lumumba Kamguia
  • Jun Yi Edmund Lee
  • Thomas J. Murray
  • Jonathan Perry

Technology & Policy Minor

  • Allison Fisher (School of Computer Science)

E&TIM Graduates

  • Saket Bohania
  • Ti-Chen Chen
  • Sandhya Ranganathan Iyer
  • Lee He
  • Travis Scott Miller
  • Rohit Vishal Mishra
  • Aakash Pathak
  • Jeremie Pocachard
  • Weijun Qian
  • Nikhil S. Ranga
  • Kelsey E. Scott
  • Neha Chintamani Sharma
  • Sonia Sharma
  • Apratim Vidyarthi

E&TIM Dual Degree

  • Pritham Velamur Aravind (CEE)
  • Hao Gu (CEE)
  • Stephanie Cathryn Beels (BME)
  • Suyash Kela (MEG)
  • Narayanaswami Sriram
  • Enzhe Lu (CEE)
  • Bharadwaj (CEE)
  • Sheyda Demooei (ECE)
  • Courtney Mae Thier (CEE)
  • Mayuri Gupta (BME)
  • Yujie Wei (CEE)
  • Akshay Satish Kulkarni (ECE)
  • Yu Zhang (MEG)
  • Qin Lu (CHE)
  • Rochelle Lauren Nakia Samuel (CEE)
  • Yao-Hsuan Tseng (MSE)
  • Dian Yu (MSE)