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Engineering and Public Policy

Technology can help us build a happier, freer, and more fulfilling life, while keeping risks and undesirable impacts at acceptable levels. However, this process isn't automatic; it takes careful hard work by people who understand both technology and society.

The Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) at Carnegie Mellon University is a unique department that works to solve problems at the interface of technology and society. We offer multiple double-major options for undergraduate students (in partnership with each of the five Engineering departments and the School of Computer Science) a Master's degree in Engineering & Technology Innovation and Management, and a research-oriented Ph.D. program


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Upcoming Defenses

Brian J. Sergi
Integrating climate and health damages in decision-making for the electric power sector
April 8, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in the CEE Conference Room (Porter Hall A7E)

Examiners: Inês Azevedo (Chair), Alex Davis, Nick Muller, Peter Adams, Allen Robinson, Steven J. Davis (UC, Irvine)

Doug Sicker: Department Head of Engineering and Public Policy

Women in Software and Cybersecurity

How Entrepreneurs Leverage Institutional Intermediaries in Emerging Economies to Acquire Public Resources

EPP Graduate Student Awards

Liza Reed

Robert W. Dunlap Award for the most outstanding qualifier examination

Liza Reed
, "Microprocessor Hardware Tampering”

Jake Ward

Herbert L. Toor Award for outstanding research paper submitted to the Part A qualifier

Jake Ward
,"On-Demand Ridesourcing has Reduced per-capita Vehicle Registrations and Gasoline use in the U.S. States"