Carnegie Mellon University
August 19, 2016

Who's Who On Scott Hall's Fifth Floor

scott hall's fifth floor

Ever since the Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall was officially dedicated on April 30, 2016, organizations such as the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation and others have been settling into their new spaces located on the fifth floor. Here's a list of its occupants:

The Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

  • Dr. Jay Whitacre, Director
, Professor, Engineering and Public Policy & Materials Science and Engineering (5127 A)

  • Andrew Gellman, Co-Director
, Lord Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry (Courtesy), Materials Science and Engineering (Courtesy) (5123)

    Faculty Office Made Possible by Donald and Rhonda Struminger  

  • Deborah Stine, Associate Director for Policy Outreach, Professor of the Practice, Engineering and Public Policy

    Faculty Office Made Possible by Nurdan and Huseyin Korkut Erbug

  • Anna J. Siefken, Associate Director for Innovation and Strategic Partnerships (5121)

    Faculty Office Made Possible by Abdullah Rasim Akdogan

  • Virginia Delaney, Administrative Assistant (5127)

  • Amanda King, Media Coordinator (5120 D)

The Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

  • Deborah Lange, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Steinbrenner Institute, Alumni Relations, Civil and Environmental Engineering (5120 C)

Energy Science, Technology and Policy (EST&P) Program

  • David Landis, Executive Director (5105)

  • Nora Siewiorek, Associate Director (5103)

  • Ashley Lomison, Admissions & Program Coordinator (5103)

  • EST&P Student Lounge 

College of Engineering Faculty and Research Staff 

  • Shawn Litster, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering (5107)

  • Venkat Viswanathan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Courtesy Appointments, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering (5109)

  • Meagan Mauter, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy; Courtesy Appointments, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering (5111)

  • Karen Kietzke, Principal Research Programmer, Engineering and Public Policy (5113)

  • Hari Mantripragada, Research Scientist, Engineering and Public Policy (5113)

Daniel and Karen Swanson Energy Technology Lab (5001)

  • Many PhD students and postdoctoral scholars 

Energy Systems Lab (5002)

Marquis Conference Room (5201)

And, did you know Scott Hall is a PokeStop? While you're here, you gotta catch 'em all! Learn more about Scott Hall.