Carnegie Mellon University

Briefing, Workshop Notes & Infographics


How Fuel Cells Could Impact Vehicles, Buildings and Utilities
Michael M. Whiston, Inês L. Azevedo, Shawn Litster, Constantine Samaras, Kate S. Whitefoot, and Jay F. Whitacre


Planning Meeting to Create a Strategic Roadmap for Regional Energy Innovation Ecosystem Development for the Tri-State Techbelt Region [.pdf] | Discussion Summary
Joe Hezir and Deborah Stine

Can National Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Policies Be a Tool to Improve U.S. Competitiveness? [.pdf] | Summary of an Invitation-Only Roundtable and Workshop Discussion
Joe Hezir and Deborah Stine

Manufacturing and Energy Efficiency Policy Innovations for Industry 4.0 [.pdf]

Joseph Hezir


Costs and Benefits of Electric Vehicles in the United States [.pdf]
Jeremy J. Michalek

Electric Vehicle Adoption Potential in the United States [.pdf]
Jeremy J. Michalek

Which Alternative Fuel Technology is Best for Transit Buses? [.pdf]
Contributors: Stephanie Seki, Chris Hendrickson, Deborah Stine


Natural Gas For Transportation or Electricity? Climate Change Implications [.pdf]
Contributors: Aranya Venkatesh, Paulina Jaramillo, Mike Griffin, H. Scott Matthews

Valuation of Plug-in Vehicle Life-cycle Air Emissions and Oil Displacement Benefits [.pdf]
Contributors: Jeremy Michalek, Mikhail Chester, Paulina Jaramillo, Constantine Samaras, Ching-Shin Norman Shiau, Lester B. Lave


The Many Meanings of "Smart Grid" [.pdf]
Contributors: Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, Marija D. Ilić, Marvin Sirbu, and Jon M. Peha

Economic, Environmental and Security Implications of Plug-in Vehicles [.pdf]
Contributors: Jeremy Michalek, Constantine Samaras

Cap and Trade is Not Enough: Improving US Climate Policy [.pdf]
Contributors: Constantine Samaras, Jay Apt, Inês Azevedo, Lester B. Lave, Granger Morgan and Ed Rubin


Managing Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from Coal-Fired Power Plants

Contributor: Granger Morgan