Carnegie Mellon University

Briefing, Workshop Notes & Infographics


How Fuel Cells Could Impact Vehicles, Buildings and Utilities
Inês Azevedo, Shawn Litster, Kate Whitefoot, Constantine Samaras, Jay Whitacre and Michael Whiston


Planning Meeting to Create a Strategic Roadmap for Regional Energy Innovation Ecosystem Development for the Tri-State Techbelt Region [.pdf] | Discussion Summary
Joe Hezir and Deborah Stine

Can National Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Policies Be a Tool to Improve U.S. Competitiveness? [.pdf] | Summary of an Invitation-Only Roundtable and Workshop Discussion
Joe Hezir and Deborah Stine

Manufacturing and Energy Efficiency Policy Innovations for Industry 4.0 [.pdf]

Joseph Hezir


Costs and Benefits of Electric Vehicles in the United States [.pdf]
Jeremy J. Michalek

Electric Vehicle Adoption Potential in the United States [.pdf]
Jeremy J. Michalek

Which Alternative Fuel Technology is Best for Transit Buses? [.pdf]
Contributors: Stephanie Seki, Chris Hendrickson, Deborah Stine


Natural Gas For Transportation or Electricity? Climate Change Implications [.pdf]
Contributors: Aranya Venkatesh, Paulina Jaramillo, Mike Griffin, H. Scott Matthews

Valuation of Plug-in Vehicle Life-cycle Air Emissions and Oil Displacement Benefits [.pdf]
Contributors: Jeremy Michalek, Mikhail Chester, Paulina Jaramillo, Constantine Samaras, Ching-Shin Norman Shiau, Lester B. Lave


The Many Meanings of "Smart Grid" [.pdf]
Contributors: Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, Marija D. Ilić, Marvin Sirbu, and Jon M. Peha

Economic, Environmental and Security Implications of Plug-in Vehicles [.pdf]
Contributors: Jeremy Michalek, Constantine Samaras

Cap and Trade is Not Enough: Improving US Climate Policy [.pdf]
Contributors: Constantine Samaras, Jay Apt, Inês Azevedo, Lester B. Lave, Granger Morgan and Ed Rubin


Managing Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from Coal-Fired Power Plants
Contributor: Granger Morgan