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Forbes | Sept. 10

Tesla and Electric Cars Don't Replace Oil and Natural Gas

Vox | Aug. 25

The 6 things you most need to know about Trump's new climate plan

Axios | Aug. 24

1 big thing: How to cut CO2 from heavy trucking

Forbes | Aug. 16

See How This New 3D Printing Method Could Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

Post Register | Aug. 16

Six GEM Fellows Working at INL This Summer

Innovation Hub | Aug. 10

The Uncertain Business of Clean Energy

The WIRE | Aug. 9

Asking People to Have Fewer Babies to Fight Climate Change Is Not Fair

The Energy Transition Show | Aug. 8

Episode #75: Transportation Transition

Forbes | Aug. 2

Trump's Decision To Rollback Fuel Standards Puts A Dark Cloud Over The Country

Pittsburgh Business Times | July 31

Siefken tapped as executive director of CMU's Scott Institute | July 31

3D-Printed Batteries Could Mean Lightweight, Longer-Lasting Electronics

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 29

Pittsburgh: Think twice about allowing more rail traffic to roll through the city

WABE News | July 25

Study: US Unlikely to See Nuclear Power Anytime Soon

Quartz | July 12

Tesla owners’ battery data show it won’t win through chemistry, only a better factory

WIRED | July 9

Where Can Climate Activists Find Common Ground?

CityLab | July 6

To Better Predict Traffic, Look to Electric Grid

CityLab | July 5

Lead's Other Toxic Toll: Fertility

Politico | July 3

Utah producers scored under Pruitt

Washington Post | June 18

Studies show groundwater holding own against drilling boom

New York Times | June 13

Trump Wants to Bail Out Coal and Nuclear Power. Here's Why That Will Be Hard.

Quartz | June 12

To hit climate goals, Bill Gates and his billionaire friends are betting on energy storage

National Journal | June 12

Trump's Energy Regulators Don't Buy His Coal, Nuclear Bailout

Washington Post | June 12

Why liberal arts and the humanities are just as important as engineering | June 04

Stretching Electronics Give Circuits Healing Power

Newsmax | June 03

Expert: Researchers Scrapping Pursuit of Human-Like AI

IEEE Spectrum | May 31

Methanol-Fueled Cars Could Drive Us Toward an Emissionless Future 

GreenBiz | May 30

Easy street: How we can use AI for infrastructure maintenance

Ars Technica | May 29

Autonomous trucks will haul your stuff before you ride in a self-driving car

Washington Post | May 24

Self-driving Uber did not have emergency braking turned on when it hit pedestrian, NTSB says

Wall Street Journal | May 24

Uber Self-Driving Car That Struck, Killed Pedestrian Wasn't Set to Stop in an Emergency

New York Post | May 23

This common contaminant is hurting America's fertility rates

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Semiconductor Engineering | May 22

Power/Performance Bits: May 22

Roll Call | May 22

Growth in Domestic Oil and Natural Gas Poses New Policy Issues

Forbes | May 21

Electric Buses Can Save Local U.S. Governments Billions. China's Showing Us How It's Done.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 19

Breathing inequality: Air pollution widens gap between ‘the two Pittsburghs’

Pennsylvania Environmental Council | May 18

Pennsylvania Legacies #73: The Science of Leadership

Forbes | May 18

$1 Rides On Elon Musk's Space-Age Subway May Be A Stretch, But His Bricks Sound Great

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WIRED | May 17

Is Tesla's Autopilot Safe? Finding Out Demands Better Data

WESA 90.5 | May 17

Meet Thubber: A Rubber-Metal Hybrid That Could Help Your Electronics Run Faster

The Associated Press | May 10

Pruitt to hear economic arguments in enforcing Clearn Air Act

MIT Technology Review | May 09

California’s rooftop solar rule is a pricey path to emissions reductions

AXIOs | May 06

The Future of Electrics is the Pickup Truck

Trailer Body-Builders l May 03

Hyliion Hybrid Axel Wins Technical Award

Clean Technica l Apr. 30

Unpacking All The Bad News About Renewable Energy & Energy Storage

Tech Xplore l Apr. 27

New Framework Assesses, Optimizes Economic Value Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

U.S. News | Apr. 27

Pittsburgh's Stunted Progress: Steel City has tried to transform to a global innovation hub, but air quality could hold it back

Vox l Apr. 27

Batteries Have A Dirty Secret

AP News l Apr. 25

EPA Chief Signs Proposal Limiting Science Used In Decisions

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Decentralized Energy l Apr. 24

Mini-grids More Reliable Than Grid Connections Finds New African Project

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Associated Press | Apr. 21

Robot Designed for Faster, Safer Uranuim Plant Pipe Cleanup 


MIT Technology Review l Apr. 11

This Battery Advance Could Make Electric Vehicles Far Cheaper

The Wall Street Journal l Apr. 03

Car Makers Get Their Wish on Fuel-Efficiency Standards