Carnegie Mellon University
B.A. in English

Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Culture

The Literature and Culture program trains agile interpreters of, and writers about, the wide variety of complexities and challenges they will face in their professional lives and beyond. The curriculum will allow students to develop their analytical and interpretive skills in the humanities, STEM fields, and the social sciences.

The goal of the Literature & Culture Major is to teach students how to read, interpret and write persuasively about novels, poems, plays and other imaginative works across a variety of genres and media forms. Along with teaching students the analytical skills and methodological tools to interpret these works, this major will teach the importance of understanding imaginative works within their cultural and historical contexts. In addition, the major is designed to train students in strong professional and academic skills like critical thinking, inductive reasoning and persuasive argumentation that are applicable to other fields of study and a variety of career paths.