Carnegie Mellon University
M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies

Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies

Graduate education in English is developing dramatically. This is influenced by the last decade's remarkable ferment in literary and cultural studies. Carnegie Mellon is keeping pace with theoretical and practical developments in both areas and puts particular effort into developing an innovative range of offerings at the M.A. level.

What Makes Us Unique

An important role of English departments has been to create interpretations of the texts of various historical periods, including the present. The M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies at Carnegie Mellon builds on, and also extends, this tradition by:

  • Training students to see texts as part of a complex web of historical conditions and relationships
  • Teaching major literary texts alongside nonfiction, functional texts, and public documents
  • Teaching the overlooked works of women and writers of color alongside well-known authors
  • Teaching comparative texts that highlight differences across literature and culture alongside the texts of the Western canon
  • Teaching film, television, and other storytelling media alongside conventional texts