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Dr. Michael Lincoff (B.S. '82) has leveraged his engineering education at CIT to become a preeminent interventional cardiologist. He came back to the BME Department during its 10th Anniversary in Spring 2013 to reflect on his CIT experience and share his career story and professional vision. 

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Dr. Dean Bellavia (Ph.D. '71), one of the earliest graduates of BME, has devoted his career to practice management of the orthodontic industry, advocating a patient-centered philosophy. He is also a passionate researcher on his own, with interests spanning from optimizing the personalities for workplace to physical wellness.

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Dr. Anthony DiGioia, III (M.S. '82) is a pioneer in total joint replacement surgery and an innovator of Patient and Family Centered Care--a methodology that seeks to lower costs and improve patient outcomes by revolutionizing the way healthcare providers approach the patient experience.

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Ms. Kelly Collier (B.S. '11) is the CEO of ActivAided Orthotics, a Pittsburgh-based company that grew out of her Senior Capstone Design project.

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Ms. Kavya Suresh (M.S. '13) is a biomedical engineer working at CMU spinoff Blue Belt Technologies. She chatted with us about BME's interdisciplinary approach to education and how it's helped her so far in her career.

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During Carnival 2013, BME celebrated its 10th Anniversary as a Department in CIT. We invited alumni back to participate in a panel discussion on the past and future of Biomedical Engineering. The new President Dr. Subra Suresh also stopped by.

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Ms. Hilda Diamond is the former administrator and Associate Head whose name, to many alumni, is synonymous with BME. She was on the staff from 1967 to 2011, seeing BME's beginning as a Program and its growth into a full-fledged Department.

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