Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering minor curriculum is comprised of three core courses and three electives.  The Quality Point Average (QPA) for courses that count toward the minor must be 2.00 or higher.  Students interested in declaring the Biomedical Engineering minor should contact either the Associate Department Head of Biomedical Engineering or the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

Minor Requirements (Classes of 2021+)

All students

Six courses, 57 units minimum
03-121          Modern Biology or 03-151 Honors Modern Biology
42-101          Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 
42-202          Physiology 
42-xxx          BME Elective (>= 9 units), Any course offered by the Department of Biomedical Engineering numbered 42-300 or higher and worth at least 9 units
xx–xxx          Elective I (>= 9 units)#
xx–xxx          Elective II (>= 9 units)+

Some Special Topics, newly offered or intermittently offered 42-xxx may be acceptable as electives. Students should consult with their advisors and petition the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Affairs Committee for permission to include such courses.


# Elective I cannot be a required course in the student’s major. It may be:

  1. Any required or additional track elective course selected from any of the four Biomedical Engineering tracks. See the online catalog for a listing of courses.

  2. Any 42-xxx course with a 42-300 or higher number and worth at least 9 units.

  3. 42-203 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (or the cross-listed version 03-206 for students in the Health Professions Program). The course has a limited capacity and priority is given to students who have declared the Additional Major in Biomedical Engineering.**

  4. One semester of 42-200 Sophomore BME Research Project, 42-300 Junior BME Research Project, 42-400 Senior BME Research Project or 39-500 Honors Research Project. The project must be supervised by a core or courtesy Biomedical Engineering faculty member and for 9 or more units.

+ Elective II must be a Biomedical Engineering required or additional track elective.

** Priority for enrollment in 42-203 or 03-206 will be given to students who have declared the Additional Major in Biomedical Engineering. If sufficient room in the course remains after all majors have been accommodated in a given semester, students who have declared the Biomedical Engineering Designated Minor will be given the next priority for enrollment. If space still allows, other students will be enrolled.