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Academic Advising

Due to the structure of additional major, navigating through the Biomedical Engineering requirements is different from primary engineering majors. Biomedical Engineering advisors collaborate with students to assist them in achieving their goals. They provide guidance on course selection and electives, verify progress toward degree requirements, and more. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with advisors in both Biomedical Engineering and in their primary engineering major.

Additional Major

Kristin Kropf is the primary advisor for additional majors who will advise on course scheduling and meeting requirements in order to graduate. In addition, you will also be assigned a track advisor to discuss research opportunities and career goals related to the tracks.

List of advisors by tracks:

Students should start considering track choices as early as the end of their freshman year. Students must declare their track during Spring Sophomore year but contacting Kristin Kropf.


Kristin Kropf is the advisor for BME minors who will advise on course selection and meeting requirements to receive the BME minor.

Contacting your advisor

Schedule an appointment with Kristin Kropf

Track advisors can be contacted via email.

Course Petition

Some Special Topics, newly offered or intermittently offered courses may be acceptable as BME-major track electives. As well, non-BME classes with significant biological or medical content may count towards the minor requirements. Students should consult with their advisors and may petition the BME Undergraduate Affairs Committee for permission to include such courses as BME-major track electives or BME-minor electives. Please complete the Course Petition form and submit it to Kristin Kropf.