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The National Institute of Health’s BRAIN Initiative has awarded Prof. Bin He a three-year, ~$2 million grant to investigate the neuroscience mechanisms of novel transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation at cellular and neural circuit levels. He’s research aims to gain a better understanding of the effects of stimulation technology in order to non-invasively manipulate and control neural circuits. The grant will characterize neural and inter-neural interactions using the noninvasive stimulation technology, which could benefit patients suffering from various brain disorders. Dr. Kai Yu, research scientist at He’s Lab, is a co-investigator.

Charlie Ren

Prof. Charlie Ren is among the 25 US awardees of prize in the Catalyst Phase of the National Academy of Medicine Healthy Longevity Global Competition. This competition rewards bold, new, potentially transformative ideas to improve the physical, mental, or social well-being of people as they age, in a measurable and equitable way. Prof. Ren’s research intends to reveal the common extracellular mechanisms of aging across different organs.


Prof. Chris Bettinger was quoted on WIRED about his biomaterials research. “It's really cool to see simple materials; we already know about their toxicity burden,” says Chris Bettinger, a biomedical engineer at Carnegie Mellon. “I think simplicity is often underappreciated.”


Prof. Byron Yu was quoted on Axios about his brain-computer interface (BCI) research. "Our understanding of what happens in the brain as one learns is super limited right now,” says Yu. But BCI “gives us an amazing window into how this happens.” This work was also featured by Yahoo! News and The Ladders.

carmel majidi

BME/MechE Prof. Carmel Majidi was quoted on New Atlas about a novel conductive hydrogel. The work was also featured on Tech Crunch. “With its high electrical conductivity and high compliance or ‘squishiness,’ this new composite can have many applications in bioelectronics and beyond,” says Majidi. “Examples include a sticker for the brain that has sensors for signal processing, a wearable energy generation device to power electronics, and stretchable displays.”


Congratulations to former BME minor and X-COR Therapeutics co-founder Brian Chang (Class of 2013) for receiving the 2021 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship! Selected from 2,445 applicants, the 2021 Class of Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows is made up of 30 outstanding immigrants and children of immigrants who are pursuing graduate school here in the United States. Check out more


Congratulations to Alyssa Brown, BME/MechE graduating senior for receiving the Carnegie Mellon Women’s Association (CMWA) Scholarship this year. The CMWA Awards began in 1964 to "honor an outstanding girl at the university." The tradition continues today and each year, the Carnegie Mellon Women’s Association Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to selected graduating senior students, with a preference for students who demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of women in their academic pursuits. Alyssa’s extraordinary qualities and work ethic, commitment to CMU and dedication to excellence in the world of medical device research helped her get this scholarship.    


ChemE/BME (Class of 2010) alumna Young Hye Song, who is currently a BME Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas, has received a $429,000 grant from the National Institute of Health for research in tissue engineering. The goal of the project is to understand mechanisms of fibrotic scar formation after a spinal cord injury to identify novel therapeutic targets. See further details.

Jessica Zhang

BME/MechE Prof. Jessica Zhang was named editor-in-chief of Engineering with Computers, an international journal for simulation-based engineering. As the new editor-in-chief, Zhang will emphasize and promote novel cutting-edge research and algorithm-based software development.

NEBEC poster winners

Congratulations to BME PhD students, Kalliope Roberts (advised by Prof. Keith Cook) on taking the 1st place in the podium presentation competition with her presentation In Vivo Development and Testing of an Ambulatory Destination Therapy Low Coagulation ECMO System and Mackenzie Maurer Ditty (advised by Prof. Siyang Zheng) on the 2nd place in the poster competition with her poster “Micro” Devices Solving the World’s “Macro” Health Challenges:  A Look at How Nanomaterials Can Help to Detect the World’s Most Critical Nanoscale Biologicals during the 2021 Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC) that took place on March 23-25, 2021.


A team led by Profs. Charlie Ren and Amir Barati Farimani received the Department of Defense CDMRP-Discovery Award. They will develop a ciliated human airway organoid model and associated computer vision algorithm to assess respiratory cilia beating defects in a high-throughput, non-invasive manner.


Congratulations to BME/MechE student Jackie Godinez for winning the George Washington Prize for 2021 at the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania (ESWP) Virtual Awards Presentation! Jackie is the President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Student Chapter at CMU, March 2019-present. In recognition of her excellent leadership, the SHPE Chapter won the “Blue Chip Award” from SHPE Region 4 and the “Region Chapter of the Year Award”.


BME alumna (PhD, 2012) Portia Singh is featured on Philips career podcast “The Spark” which covers employee stories globally. Portia is a senior scientist at Philips and develops technology to help improve remote care and teaching fitness classes in her spare time. Click this link to listen to Portia’s insights.

Daniel Suma headshot

Congratulations to BME PhD student Daniel Suma on being named a Presidential Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. The Presidential Fellowship Program provides important financial support to recruit and retain outstanding graduate students, whose work here will ensure that Carnegie Mellon maintains its position as an international leader in graduate education and research. Daniel’s PhD research involves developing noninvasive brain-computer interface.


Congratulations to BME PhD student Chechen Mou for receiving a Neil and Jo Bushnell Fellowship in Engineering in the amount of $5,000 to be applied to her tuition. This fellowship was created through the generosity of Neil and Jo Bushnell and was established to provide merit fellowships to graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in nanotechnology or electronic materials in the College of Engineering. The award reflects outstanding accomplishments to date and student’s potential for continued success.


Congratulations to BME PhD student Deepshikha Acharya for receiving a Ronald F. and Janice A. Zollo Fellowship in the amount of $2,500 to be applied to her tuition. This fellowship was created through the generosity of Ronald F. and Janice A. Zollo and was established to help support the graduate studies of highly deserving College of Engineering graduate students whose research is related to neuroscience or neuroengineering. The award reflects outstanding work and accomplishments in Biomedical Engineering.

Michelle Wolf BME Alumna

BME/MSE alumna Michelle Wolf is featured in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 for her creation of an edible, sustainable alternative to shrimp. Michelle Wolf cofounded New Wave Foods in 2015 to promote healthy and sustainable eating. The company produces a plant-based shrimp alternative made from seaweed, and is in the final stages of a $15 million Series A funding round. Tyson Ventures announced an investment in the company in September 2019. New Wave's shrimp will launch in restaurants and food service locations in 2021.


The team of undergraduate students, Quinn Gaughan (BME/MechE), Amanda Lee (BME/ChemE), Shanley Lenart (BME/Chem E), Rachel Sneeringer (BME/MechE), Isabella Vendetti (BME/ChemE), and Eliza Pratt (Design), has been selected as the Third Place Winners for the ASAIO (American Society for Artificial and Internal Organs) 2020 Student Design Competition for their project, efemoral. The team developed the project as part of the BME Capstone Course. The team’s clinical advisor was Mark Wholey, MD. efemoral is a temporary, less than six hours, percutaneous external microaxial perfusion pump used to mitigate critical limb ischemia (CLI). CLI results from blockages in arteries that impair blood flow to limbs and is an increasingly prevalent issue in healthcare.

Barb Shinn-Cunningham

Prof. Barbara Shinn-Cunningham is a 2020 co-recipient of the Bernice Grafstein Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Mentoring from the Society for Neuroscience. The award recognizes individuals who are dedicated to promoting women’s advancement in the field of neuroscience and who have made outstanding accomplishments in mentoring. Check out more.

departmental awards

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is excited to announce the Departmental Awards for the 2019-2020 academic year. The awards recognize outstanding academic and research achievements. All the awardees demonstrated hard work, excellence in research, leadership, and involvement in campus activities. Check out the details

Rosalyn Abbott

Prof. Rosalyn Abbott has been selected the 2020-2021 Provost’s Inclusive Teaching Fellows (PITF). Sponsored by the Provost and administered by the Eberly Center, this program aims to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in CMU courses. In particular, Prof. Abbott has been working on redesigning Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, a course aimed at first-year students before they have chosen a specialty in Engineering. See further details