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CMU BME PhD alumnus, Piyumi Wijesekara, is one of four crew members selected by NASA to go to Mars and back as part of Human Exploration Research Analog, or HERA. Over 45 days, they'll simulate the space mission! Crew members will carry out scientific research and operational tasks throughout their simulated mission to the Red Planet, including a “walk” on Mars’s surface using virtual reality. They will also experience increasing communication delays lasting up to five minutes each way with Mission Control Center as they “near” Mars. 


🍪 Sweets and Treats🍭 at CMU BME during 2024 Spring Carnival with our incredible BME alumni, students, faculty, and staff! 🐾

It was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with alumni, make new friends, and enjoy CMU BME swag giveaways.

coe-alumni-awards.jpg Celebrate with us as we extend our heartfelt congratulations to BME alums Anthony (Tony) DiGioia III, honored with the Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award, Olivia Dippo, recipient of the Recent Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award, and Andre Sutanto, recognized with the Recent Alumni Service Excellence Award. May their exceptional accomplishments inspire us all!
gelfand-moore-outreach.jpg Recently, a group of bright 9th graders from Propel Schools embarked on a journey into the future of medicine and robotics with CMU's Moore Lab! Guided by BME Assistant Professor Axel Moore and PhD student Tejus Surendran, they explored the Kuka serial arm robot, specifically designed for biomechanical testing of orthopaedic joints. 
nebec2024-1.jpg We're thrilled to be part of #NEBEC2024! The agenda is packed with interesting sessions. Carnegie Mellon Biomedical Engineering (BME) students are gaining invaluable experience, honing their networking and presentation skills. A huge shout out to Stevens Institute of Technology for their outstanding organization! 👏
potluck2024.jpg CMU BME potluck was a big hit! Students, faculty, and staff came together to share aspects of their culture and traditions creating a delightful and enriching experience. Exploring different regions and countries through food is both enjoyable and fun. 
nsbe-hsig-winbme-bmes.jpg Recent gathering of CMU BMES, NSBE-HSIG, and Women in BME was all about making connections and having fun! The students listened to a fantastic performance by the talented CMU’s Treblemakers to keep the energy high. BME grad and undergraduate students were there, making memories and winning cool prizes in the raffle!
declaration-day-2024.jpg Congratulations to all students on Major Declaration Day! Your enthusiasm and dedication to your academic journey are truly inspiring. 
nsbe50-photo-collage.png The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is one of the largest student-governed organizations in the United States. NSBE supports and promotes the aspirations of collegiate and pre-collegiate students and technical professionals in engineering and technology.

CMU BME was well represented during the 50th Annual Convention.
kundu-wolf.jpg Cheers to BME alumni Shinjini Kundu (BME PhD 2016) and Michelle Wolf (MSE/BME UG 2014, BME MS 2015) on being recognized as 2024 Tartans on the Rise for their impactful leadership, innovation, and career achievements! 👏👏👏

BME Assistant Teaching Professor Rachelle Palchesko participated in activities with FAME Academy students. Throughout the session, she assigned them the task of designing assistive walking devices for dogs affected by Intervertebral Disc Disease, a condition commonly found in breeds with short legs and long backs, such as corgis, which often leads to paralysis. ❤️‍🩹


Happy Pi Day from BME! 🎉 CMU BME community gathered for a delicious lunchtime celebration filled with pies!


During the recent BME Freshman Recruiting Event, CMU BME labs showcased their research, met with students, and discussed groundbreaking research in biomedical engineering.


Learn 3D bioprinting online with Carnegie Mellon.


Lindsey Huff, Annie Behre, and Shubhangi Sathyakumar participated in SWE Middle School Day. During the event, CMU BME PhD students guided middle-schoolers in creating mock heart valves using everyday items such as toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, and ping pong balls!


MIT Lincoln Laboratory visited CMU BME with a specific focus on recruiting our Master’s students in Artificial Intelligence Engineering in BME due to their unique skill set in both AI and BME. Brian Telfer from MIT Lincoln Lab discussed the value of having both AI training as well as knowledge and enthusiasm for biomedicine with our faculty.  With students, he presented the opportunities available at MIT and in the field of biomedical AI in general. We look forward to potential collaboration with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, leveraging the expertise of our students and contributing to the advancement of AI in the field of Biomedical Engineering.


Prof. Jana Kainerstorfer spoke about the increasing role of AI in the biotech industry during an October meeting of Pittsburgh’s Women in Bio chapter. As reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times, Kainerstorfer addressed some biases in data collection. She stated, 'Oftentimes, we don’t have a diverse enough dataset to train an AI algorithm effectively and demonstrate a device's efficacy.' According to the outlet, she found it mind-blowing that in 2023, pulse oximeters are less accurate for individuals with darker skin.

Carmel Majidi

Prof. Carmel Majidi has been awarded the 2023 Inno Fire Award for Trailblazing Innovators from the Pittsburgh Business Times. Majidi was acknowledged for his leadership in the Soft Machines Lab at Carnegie Mellon University and his product “Thubber,” which can be used in the thermal management of semiconductors.

Robert Tilton

Prof. Bob Tilton will receive the 2024 American Chemical Society Award in Colloid Chemistry. Tilton will receive the award to recognize outstanding scientific contributions to colloid chemistry, and, specifically, “for advancing fundamental understanding of colloidal and interfacial phenomena involving compositional and structural complexity, especially multicomponent fluids and nanoscale polymer brushes with controlled architectures.”

Rosalyn Abbott

Prof. Rosalyn Abbott has received the 2024 BMES-CMBE Rising Star Junior Faculty Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to cell and molecular bioengineering. Her research is centered on refining 3D bioprinting techniques and parameters to create cultivated meat products that emulate the properties and structures of conventional tissues. The development of cultured meat holds potential for mitigating environmental, public health, and food security challenges posed by conventional farming practices.


The Department of Biomedical Engineering was excited to host the second annual Pittsburgh meeting of the Transforming Transplant Initiative. Twenty Mayo Clinic faculty and staff members visited CMU to present their research, explore new collaborations, and brainstorm ideas to enhance the partnership between Mayo Clinic and Carnegie Mellon University.