Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Aid

Ph.D. Program

Financial Aid

Full-time Ph.D. students receive full tuition support and a living stipend. Financial aid is normally offered simultaneously upon acceptance into the Ph.D. program irrespective of the financial need. Continuation of the support is contingent upon satisfactory performance in coursework and research, as reviewed each semester by the departmental faculty.

Students with external funding that matches or exceeds the level of departmental support do not receive additional financial aid. Otherwise departmental financial aid may be provided such that the total support matches that of other Ph.D. students. The Ph.D. program accepts only students supported by the Department or by a recognized external funding organization.

Statute of Limitations

Direct Entry Ph.D. students (those without an M.S. degree upon entry) are supported for up to 14 semesters counting summer as a semester. Advanced Entry students (those with an approved M.S. degree upon entry) are supported for up to 12 semesters counting summer. Extension of the support may be granted on a per semester basis upon petition.

BME M.S. – Research Program

Limited financial aid is available through the following mechanisms:

  1. Students with a strong academic performance may, upon the recommendation of a faculty committee, receive financial aid for summer research with the advisor after the first year. The decision is on a competitive basis and takes into consideration both course grades and research achievement during the first year.
  2. Some students may be appointed as a paid Teaching Assistant, which involves a modest amount of work and compensation. Selection is based on the need of teaching assistance, the skills of the student, and his/her course performance. Non native-English speaking students must pass an English proficiency test administered by the University to be eligible.
  3. In some cases, a student may receive support from the advisor during the second year as a Research Assistant. The Department provides guidelines but in general allows the advisor to make the decision.
  4. Some students may qualify for loans through the university Enrollment Services.

Other BME M.S. Programs

Mechanisms #2 and #4 above are available to BME M.S. students. Students may also seek on-campus part-time employment through the Handshake.