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Video: What is BrainHub?

Learn how CMU’s BrainHub research initiative builds on the university’s strengths in biology, computer science, psychology, statistics and engineering to study on how the structure and activity of the brain give rise to complex behaviors, and develops new technologies that stand to transform neuroscience. Psychology Professors Marlene Behrmann and Michael J. Tarr are featured.

Brain Representations of Social Thoughts Accurately Predict Autism Diagnosis

Led by Psychology Professor Marcel Just, CMU researchers have created brain-reading techniques that use neural representations of social thoughts to predict autism diagnoses with 97 percent accuracy, establishing the first biologically based diagnostic tool that measures a person's thoughts to detect the disorder.

Intimate Strangers: Analyzing Foreigners’ Perspectives on American Politics

In the new book “Intimate Strangers in American Political Discourse,” English Professor Andreea Deciu Ritivoi analyzes foreigners’ perspectives on American politics – and the challenges they face by at times being critical. Using four respected intellectual exiles as examples – Hannah Arendt, Herbert Marcuse, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Edward Said, Ritivoi explores the benefits of their “stranger ethos” in order to improve political systems and societal problems.

Heavily Decorated Classrooms Disrupt Attention and Learning in Young Children

Maps, number lines, shapes, artwork and other materials tend to cover elementary classroom walls. However, new Dietrich College research shows that too much of a good thing may be bad because heavily decorated classrooms end up disrupting attention and learning in young children.

The Quantitative Social Science Scholars (QSSS) Program

The QSSS Program is a unique opportunity to help outstanding undergraduates acquire advanced quantitative technical skills they can use to impact society as entrepreneurs, policymakers, or social scientists. In this video, the program's director, academic advisor and current students discuss the program and their experiences.

The Humanities at Carnegie Mellon University

Over the past decade, Carnegie Mellon University has strengthened its standing in the humanities. The Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences is proud to have distinguished faculty and talented students who are leading the humanities into the 21st century.