Combining the 5 Studies-The Common Cold Project - Carnegie Mellon University

Combining the 5 Studies

Each of the 5 cold studies comprising the Common Cold Project was designed to address a specific set of hypotheses.  However, many common variables were collected across 2 or more studies.   We have created a combined data set that facilitates analyses that aggregate data across studies.  An example of how the aggregated data might be used is our study of the role of parenthood in colds where we combined data from three of the studies that contained the required information. 

Tables with information on which variables were measured in each of the 5 cold studies can be accessed in Measures by Study.

The following list contains the types of variables that were measured in 2 or more of the 5 cold studies.  Click on list items for additional information about each category of measurement.

Upper Respiratory Infections

Health Behaviors

Biomarkers and Health Outcomes

Self-reported Health


Psychological and Social Variables