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Jaime Rzepecki

Jaime Rzepecki

DEI&B Chair
At-Large Rep
Assistant Director, Conference and Events Services

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

I have worked at CMU 6.5 years, plus 5 additional years with a contracted vendor

I've been able to observe and learn the ins-and-outs of campus throughout my decade on campus. I have worked as part of two different event departments and had the opportunity to collaborate with a vast variety of campus departments, external partners, and our Pittsburgh community. Our summer housing operation also allows me to work closely with student staff and campus visitors. I've served in a variety of roles on campus, including a contact tracing for the last seven months. Above all, my favorite aspect of working at CMU and the common thread in all my roles is that they all allow me to share my problem-solving skills and help others in the campus community.

During my term, I would like to see Staff Council our staff community in the transition back to our normal (or new normal) campus life that works with their employment responsibilities while complimenting their ever-changing personal lives. This pandemic has shed light on how the wants and needs of each staff member are different, and that will most certainly need to be considered when bringing staff back to campus. To assist in this effort, I would develop a system to not only gather feedback and suggestions but also pose questions and spark conversations between staff members in different department/divisions. This will allow staff to become aware of what others are doing during this time of transition, and use that information to create their optional return to campus plan. I would also ensure these conversations continue throughout the return to campus process and beyond.

Fun Facts About Me

If I could possess one superpower, I would like the ability to teleport. Whether there's an emergency or I just don't want to waste time commuting, I would use it every day!

A song that would be on my life soundtrack is "Ain't No Man" by The Avett Brothers