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Kara Branby

Kara Branby

Wellness Co-Chair
Division 15
Facility Security Officer, SEI

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

I began my career at CMU in 2009 as a temp at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).  Since then, I have taken on the roles of Facility Security Officer for the SEI and CMU.  This role requires me to be the officer at CMU responsible for our compliance with government regulations regarding classified research and physical, information, and personnel security that comes with it.

 I am an advocate for staff well-being, and am constantly looking for ways to engage with staff outside of just the job.  I believe that CMU is a community that we should foster for students, faculty and staff.  It has been a goal of mine during my tenure to bring as much information from Staff Council gets back to my Division to ensure that everyone is hearing about the good work Staff Council is doing.