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June 14, 2022

Staff Council Rep Feature: Wendy Brenneman

Wendy Brenneman is a Division 1 Representative

Wendy Brenneman, Learning and Development Trainer in the Office of Human Resources

Divisional Representative (1)

 What made you want to get involved with Staff Council?

In my role as Trainer, I encounter people from across campus and connect them with resources to meet their Professional Development goals. As a Staff Council representative, I'm looking forward to shairing those resoruces more widely, as well as bringing new things I learn back to my training sessions. 

 What do you wish more people knew about Staff Council?

New employees of CMU who attend the Office of HR's New Hire Orientation program get to hear about all of the great opportunities to get involved with Staff Council besides becoming a representative or officer. As well as learning more about Staff Council myself in the coming years, I anticipated sharing ways of getting involved more broadly as a representative.