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Andrew Ramey and his dog in the snow

September 08, 2021

Staff Council Rep Feature: Andrew Ramey

Andrew Ramey is an At-Large Representative and a member of the Wellness Committee.

How long have you been at CMU and what is your role?

I first came to CMU as a grad student in 2009, but I have been in my current role as the History Department's academic advisor for four years.

What made you want to join Staff Council?

The past year plus really reinforced how essential staff are to the university, but also, that our voices aren't always heard. I wanted to join Staff Council to support staff across the university and amplify others' voices. For better or worse, I've never been shy about speaking up or speaking out. So I'm excited about the "at-large" role, because there are so many dedicated and hardworking people across the university, and I get to advocate on behalf of all of them!

What do you like most about being part of CMU staff?

My co-workers! I have been so fortunate to meet so many amazing people at CMU and make such good friends all across the university. It is a special community, and being able to work with people you respect, trust, and admire is something I never want to take for granted.

Has working at CMU taught you anything new about yourself or given you a new skill to use in other aspects of your life?

Working at CMU has definitely taught me how to be more tech savvy, especially this past year. I'm kinda old school - I like reading books printed on paper, talking to people in person, etc., but getting comfortable with Zoom and Slack (which made me miss AOL instant messenger for those old-timers out there), learning to use social media; it’s been good for me! I'm looking forward to seeing people in person again, but I hope to continue being able to use many of the tools and skills I learned during the pandemic, especially for things like connecting with alumni and coworkers who aren't in Pittsburgh (shout-out to Silicon Valley, CMU-Q, and others!).

What is your best work-from-home tip?

My best work-from-home tip is to go for a walk when you're feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, preferably with a friend (dogs count as friends!), especially one who is a good listener (dogs are also good here). I think this applies just as well to returning to campus - we have such a beautiful campus, right next to Schenley Park, I can't wait to have "walking meetings" around campus and through the park. Just because we're back on campus doesn't mean we have to be stuck in the office all day! 

How can your constituents get in touch with you?

For better or worse, I'm always checking my email, so if you email me at, you'll probably hear back from me soon. I also happen to have an automatic scheduling system, ostensibly for students to schedule meetings with me, but feel free to use it! You can always check my schedule, and even if you don't feel comfortable automatically scheduling a meeting, take a look at my schedule of availability and send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!