Carnegie Mellon University

EHS Will Conduct Building Evacuation Drills This Summer

In an effort to demonstrate fire safety awareness and preparedness in compliance with the fire code, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has prepared a fire evacuation drill summer schedule. This schedule identifies the proposed day and time of the drill as well as the academic and administrative buildings in which the drills will be conducted.

During the fire evacuation drills, you will hear a siren/horn and/or voice command announcement to evacuate. We ask for your full cooperation during the drills. The expected duration of each drill will be approximately 15-20 minutes. We recognize the drills may interrupt your schedule and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Fire evacuation drills will be conducted on scheduled dates between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

As CMU enters the next phase of returning to in-person campus operations, anyone that is occupying a campus facility during a scheduled fire drill is expected to participate while continuing to adhere to the university’s COVID-19 Minimum Requirements.

Please adhere to the following directions when the fire alarm sounds to safely evacuate the building:

  • Never ignore a fire alarm.
  • If a fire alarm sounds, evacuate immediately in a safe and orderly manner – do not run.
  • If needed, shut-off any heat sources or equipment, quickly gather personal belongings (i.e. keys, pursue, bag) and proceed to the nearest exit.
  • Remember to wear a facial covering and maintain physical distancing.
  • It is recommended to have at least two ways out. Proceed to the nearest exit. Remember to use the stairs.
  • When exiting, move at least 150 ft. away or further, to a safe location from the building. Again, remember to maintain physical distancing, once outside.
  • Do not re-enter the building until given the all clear to return inside by EHS personnel.
  • For any ADA assistance during a fire drill and inability to self-evacuate, shelter-in-place or go to an enclosed stairwell, if safe to do so. Tell someone of your location and ask them to notify the EHS personnel conducting the drill. If you are not sure if the fire alarm is a drill – Call University Police at 412-268-2323 and tell them of your location and situation.
  • Remember to thoroughly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after the drill.

For more information about the fire safety services provided by EHS, please visit this webpage.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have questions regarding proper procedures for your area, please contact EHS or send an email to: 

Tuesday, July 6 @9:00 a.m.

Hamburg Hall                                        Smith Hall
Collaborative Innovation Center
Doherty Hall
Hamerschlag Hall
Scott Hall
FMCS Building                                                Wean Hall

Wednesday, July 7 @9:00 a.m.

Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall  
Porter Hall 
Baker Hall 
Roberts Hall 
College of Fine Arts 
Hunt Library                                                    Posner/Posner Center                                  HOA 

Thursday, July 8 @9:00 a.m.
Gates/Hillman Center
Newell-Simon Hall
Purnell Center for the Arts/Miller Gallery
Cyert Hall
Cohon University Center
Alumni House
Monday, July 12 @9:00 a.m.
Information Networking Institute
Software Engineering Institute
UTDC Building
Whitfield Hall
4721 Fifth Ave.
GATF Building                                                  TCS
Tuesday, July 13 @9:00 a.m.

205 S. Craig St.
300 S. Craig St.
311 S. Craig St.
407 S. Craig St.
417 S. Craig St.                                                Mellon Institute                                              Tepper Building

Thursday, July 15 @9:00 a.m.

6555 Penn Ave
National Robotics Engineering Center
Pittsburgh Technology Center
Mill 19


Tuesday, July 20 @10:00 a.m.

Warner Hall