Carnegie Mellon University

BioRAFT-Enterprise Safety, Compliance & Training Software

Whether you work in a laboratory, shop area, art studio, maker space, or in a SLICE construction area, EH&S wants to help you meet all of your safety needs. BioRAFT software will assist in meeting these needs and includes compliance, training requirements, and safety inspections.

Have you received an email from

BioRAFT will send email notifications when you are due for training or have received an inspection report. The automated messages come directly from the BioRAFT with domain name. EH&S wants to assure you that this email is legitimate. It is NOT a phishing email.

For some, these email notifications can end up in your Junk folder. To change this setting in Outlook, right click on the message and add to either “add sender’s domain to safe senders list” or “add sender to safe senders list.”  

For all questions or concerns with BioRAFT

send email

Instructions for Principal Investigators, Shop Managers and Group Safety Coordinators

Carnegie Mellon has extended the use BioRAFT to include all areas working with hazards. At CMU, our goal is to annually inspect all laboratories, shops, art studios, maker spaces, and SLICE construction areas.

BioRAFT will refer to all EH&S safety inspected spaces as labs.  At CMU, we call labs Groups.  While your space may not be considered a lab, you will still click on the text Lab Inspections to see your inspections.

  • Log into BioRAFT
  • On left side menu bar (gray section), click on Group Name to expand selection
    • Note: you may belong to more than one group
  • Click on View Lab Profile
  • Lab Profile – summary of lab spaces, documents, equipment, inspections, and members
  • Compliance Dashboard - summary of personnel with job activities, training requirements, and inspection summary
  • View Members –manage members, add new members, assign optional access, and job activities
  • Send Lab Message –email group members and copy others in CMU’s LDAP system
  • Self-Inspections –perform mock inspections of group spaces
  • To view your spaces, click on the Spaces option on the View tab.
  • Spaces are rooms connected to groups that are using the space.  Some spaces may be connected to more than one group.  
  • To add/remove spaces, contact EH&S. 
  • To view your equipment, click on the Equipment option on the View tab.
  • This section allows you to view any safety-related, certified or regulated equipment used by your Group or in your Spaces.
  • Currently, the equipment option is under construction.  For additional questions, contact EH&S.
  • To view your documents, click on the Documents option on the View tab.
  • Types of documents that can be uploaded into BioRAFT include:
    • Permits
    • Policy/Procedure
    • Standard Operating Procedure 

Note: Contact EH&S for approval and upload of Permit-to-Work-Alone and PHS documents

To add documents:

  • Click Attach a New Document
  • Choose Type
  • Select Classification
  • Attach file from computer
  • Enter description (e.g. Chloroform PHS Form)
  • Click Submit
  • To view your members, click on the Members tab.
  • Members are people who are part of your group. 

To add a member:

  • Type three or more letters of first and/or last name, or their Andrew User ID in the Name box. Andrew User IDs are the most accurate and preferred means of entry.
  • Select the Designation most appropriate for the role the person has in your group.
  • Under Optional Access in BioRAFT
    • If you have a Lab Manager, Supervisor, or other personnel that would like to be able to manage the groups BioRAFT page, select:
      • Edit Basic Group Information
      • Edit Group Equipment Inventor
      • Group Safety Coordinator
  • Under Job Activities, verify that default activities are correct.
  • Click Look/Up Add to add the person.  Confirmation is provided.
  • If personnel have two letters only in their name (e.g. Ho, Yi, Xu, Li etc.), you will need to type an additional name or use the AndrewID.
  • If there is more than one person with the same name, it will display both persons and their AndrewID/email address.
  • Use the AndrewID to confirm the correct entry.
  • If in doubt, search the CMU directory to confirm the department.
  • To view your members, click on the Members tab.

To remove a member:

  • Click Remove next to the member's name
  • Click Confirm.  Confirmation is provided.