Carnegie Mellon University

Advanced Standing and Transfer Credit

Students matriculated at CMU have numerous ways to earn units towards graduation. We encourage students considering any of these options to contact their primary advisor to ensure proper planning and guidance.

Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge A-Level & Edexcel:

Before arriving at Carnegie Mellon University, many students take exams and courses that may be considered for college credit. Students are responsible for submitting all transcripts and exam scores (AP/Cambridge/Edexcel) for coursework completed before matriculation at CMU by the end of the first semester. The university maintains a comprehensive list of all approved scores/grades accepted for credit and how those credits count towards your undergraduate degree.

*This list is reviewed each summer and thus subject to change.

A breakdown of how these courses and exams can count towards the general education requirements at Dietrich College is also available.

General Guidelines for Transfer Credit:

  • Once a student enrolls at Carnegie Mellon University as a degree candidate, they may take a maximum of five courses (approximately 45 CMU units) at another institution and transfer these back for credit towards their CMU degree.
  • Courses taken elsewhere must be taken for a letter grade and students must earn a C (2.00) or above. Note: Grade requirements vary depending on department policy. Please speak to your AAC Advisor about requirements for transferring in specific courses.
  • Students must receive permission from their advisor(s) before taking courses at another institution.
  • Transfer credit is not factored into a student's CMU QPA.
  • The following courses must be taken at CMU and cannot be transferred in:
    • First-Year Writing Requirement Course
    • 79-104: Global Histories
    • 99-101: Computing @ Carnegie Mellon
    • Grand Challenge/Freshman Seminar
  • Dietrich College's academic departments may not exceed these limits but may impose stricter limits regarding courses students propose to take elsewhere to fulfill major requirements.
  • Students currently on academic suspension from Dietrich College are permitted to take no more than three courses per semester at another institution, and no more than a total of five courses.
  • For students entering CMU/Dietrich College as external transfers, the same five-course limit applies until and unless their transfer credits reach the 180 unit ceiling stipulated by university policy.