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2/2024 Prof. Abbott is quoted in the Tech Times article: “A 3D Printer Can Now Design Custom Chocolates.

2/2024 Prof. Abbott is notified she will be promoted to Associate Professor!


2/2024 "Fat day" photo :-)


1/2024 Prof. Abbott attends the Tufts Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day and takes part in the “Cultured Meat Safety Initiative” with New Harvest and Vireo Advisors.

1/2024 Prof. Abbott is awarded the BMES Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Rising Star Award and gives a talk at the annual conference.

12/2023 Prof. Abbott gives a talk titled “The Science of Alt Protein: Adipocyte bioprinting to improve the flavor of cultivated meat products” for the Good Food Institute Seminar Series. Check it out on youtube!

11/2023 Prof. Abbott gives a seminar at Rutgers University.

11/2023 The lab receives three Small Undergraduate Research Grants from CMU: 1) 3D Bioprinting of Wagyu Steak from Immortalized Bovine Cells, 2) Investigating the Pro-Metabolic Mechanism of Dietary Silk Sericin and 3) Exploring the Effects of Ozempic on Human Adipose Tissue Seeded Silk Scaffolds! We are so proud of our undergraduate researchers who proposed fantastic ideas!

11/2023 Congratulations to Lindsey for earning an NIH-T32 fellowship under the Biomechanics in Regenerative Medicine (BiRM) training program!

10/2023 Lab Halloween party!

10/2023 Eric and Lindsey present posters at the Biomedical Engineering Society in Seattle, WA!

10/2023 CMU features the labs cultivated meat project in a news article!

10/2023 Prof. Abbott and Liz attend iFATS. Liz gives a talk and Prof. Abbott leads the discussion on Adipocyte Bioprinting.

9/2023 Tal presents at the Berg symposium and is awarded the prestigious Berg Scholar Award which provides funds to attend the AIChE Annual Student Conference!

9/2023 The lab attends the Biomedical Engineering Forum at CMU. Lindsey, Tal, Liz, and Nate all present in the virtual poster session. Lindsey is awarded the Outstanding Presentation Award!!

8/2023 Prof. Abbott, in collaboration with the startup "Biombyx" that spun out of the lab, receives a Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance Grant titled "Tuning Acoustically-Sensitive Silk Scaffold Degradation for Improved, Personalized Craniofacial Soft Tissue Regeneration."

7/2023 Prof. Abbott is a discussion leader at the Gordon Research Conference: “Silk Proteins and the Transition to Biotechnologies” and Nate presents a poster. Group photo of all the Kaplan lab current and alums that attended :-)

7/2023 Nate's article on developing a more environmentally friendly silk scaffold is featured as an Editor's Choice Article.

6/2023 Prof. Abbott gives a seminar at the University of Vermont.

6/2023 CMU does a news article about Prof. Abbott's NSF CAREER.

5/2023 Prof. Abbott receives an NSF Early CAREER Award titled "3D Printing High Lipid Content Cultivated Meat to Minimize Livestock Environmental Impacts." The Research Plan is organized under two objectives: (1) Obtain a fundamental understanding of intramuscular fat accumulation and (2) Print viable, lipid-laden adipocytes alone and into the intramuscular space. These objectives will provide an open-source foundation for the cultured meat industry and future work in human disease modelling, regenerative medicine, and reconstructive medicine.

4/2023 Prof. Abbott is quoted in the article "What is 3D printed Meat?" on Builtin.

4/2023 Lindsey becomes a New Harvest fellow!

3/2023 Prof. Abbott leads a Gelfand Outreach class for Grades K-2 called "You Are What You Eat."

2/2023 Prof. Abbott gives a seminar at the University of Toledo.

1/2023 Lindsey is chosen for the prestigious Presidential Fellowship from CMU!

11/2022 Lindsey gives her first presentation in the "Best Papers Session" at the International Federation of Adipose Tissue Science and Therapeutics Annual Conference.

11/2022 Prof. Abbott provides an “Introduction and Overview of the Field” for the panel “Adipose Tissue Models and Microphysiological Systems” at the International Federation of Adipose Tissue Science and Therapeutics Annual Conference.

11/2022 Prof. Abbott gives a talk and is featured on a panel titled "Spotlight on Inclusive Teaching: Enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Belonging in Course Design and Delivery" at CMU. 

10/2022 Robert Downey Jr's FootPrint Coalition features the lab in "Show Us Your stuff!"

10/2022 Prof. Abbott gives a seminar at the University of Maryland titled "Adipose tissue engineering for regenerative applications and disease modelling."

9/2022 Lindsey and Giselle explain "bioprinting" for the FootPrint Coalition's "Word of the Week."

9/2022 The lab was awarded a prize in the Catalyst Phase of the National Academy of Medicine Healthy Longevity Global Competition. This funding will be used to explore tailoring tissue engineering approaches to the aging population.  

9/2022 New lab photo finally! Last one was pre-pandemic...


7/2022 We received notice of award for our NSF grant titled: "Advanced biomanufacturing of scalable, perfusable, pre-vascularized adipose tissues." With this funding, we will expand our research repurposing decellularized lung tissues to create a vascularized adipose tissue graft.

7/2022 Prof. Abbott gives a talk at a collaborative event between CMU BME and the University of Pittsburgh Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine.

6/2022 Farewell party for Megan and Zhou at Grist House. We will miss you both so much!


6/2022 Nate becomes a CMLH fellow! His research will focus on tailoring the degradation kinetics of silk biomaterial scaffolds to patient-specific regenerative environments for tissue engineering applications, and developing a computational model to predict degradation kinetics from digital health data and patient inputs.

5/2022 Megan graduates! She was the first graduate student in the lab and set a high precedent for future students!! Excellent work Dr. DeBari!!

3/2022 - We received notice of an award from the Focused Ultrasound Foundation to support our grant titled: " Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound for the non-invasive triggering of silk scaffold  degradation." This funding will allow us to test our platform for degrading silk non-invasively to improve regenerative outcomes in vivo.

3/2022 - Prof. Abbott gives a talk for the Cellular Approaches to Tissue Engineering and Regeneration (CATER) program. 

3/2022 - Prof. Abbott gives a talk at Marshall University in the COBRE-funded Appalachian Center for Cellular transport in Obesity-Related Disorders

2/2022 - The lab is excited to receive funding to take part in a new initative between CMU and Mayo Clinic to transform organ transplantation. Our project will focus on defatting hepatocytes to increase the number of livers that can be used for transplants.

2/2022 - Our crowd-sourced funding project on the platform with the Feinberg lab is funded! This cellular agriculture project, also known as 'cultured meat', will focus on 3D printing Wagyu beef. The project was featured in TheSkimm and mentioned in the New York Times

2/2022 - Megan gives a talk at the Adipose Biology Seminar Series titled 'Engineering a 3D Vascularized Adipose Tissue Construct Using a Decellularized Lung Matrix.'

2/2022 - Congratulations to Liz who received the CMU Presidential Fellowship! Check out the news article CMU featured her in!

1/2022 - Prof. Abbott gives a talk in the Transforming Transplant Seminar Series with Mayo Clinic titled: 'Fat chat - from adipose tissue engineering to lipid accumulation in liver organoids.'

10/2021 - Prof. Abbott gives a seminar at the University of Delaware titled 'Adipose Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Applications and Disease Modeling.' 

10/2021 - Megan and Prof. Abbott receive funding from the Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation Funding for their work on 'Developing acoustically-responsive silk biomaterials to improve regenerative outcomes.'

10/2021 - Megan and Prof. Abbott receive NSF Innovation Corps funding for their work on 'Improving soft tissue repair using personalized biomaterials.'

9/2021 - Megan's paper on developing a fat graft by seeding adipose tissue into a decellularized lung is out!

8/2021 - Megan successfully defends her thesis!! Congratulations Dr. DeBari!!

7/2021 - The lab's work on the use of non-invasive, therapeutic ultrasound to trigger and adjust silk scaffold degradation post-implantation is featured in a news article about Professor Abbott.

7/2021 - Megan's paper on silk as a green biomaterial is out!

6/2021 - Dakshi's paper exploring the biophysical influences of silk biomaterials on directing cellular behaviors (materbiology!) is published.

6/2021 - We are grateful to have received the Samuel and Emma Winters Foundation Award for our work towards synthesizing biomimetic mosquito inspired painless polymeric microneedles to enable pulsatile insulin release. Dakshi will get started on this project when she joins us in the US later this summer!

6/2021 - Check out our preprint for the fat in the lung work! In collaboration with the Ren group, we show that a decellularized lung matrix can be repurposed for creating a vascularized adipose tissue graft!

5/2021 - Congratulations to Megan for being selected for a Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship Innovation Fellowship! Through the fellowship she will work with Professor Abbott on clinically translating her technique for degrading silk biomaterials non-invasively to improve regeneration (patent pending!) in their company Biombyx, LLC!

3/2021 - Megan's paper on the use of therapeutic ultrasound to degrade silk biomaterials non-invasively is published in Advanced Healthcare Materials!

3/2021 - Liz gives a talk on adipose tissue fibrosis at the McGowan Regenerative Institute annual meeting!

2/2021 - Professor Abbott gives a seminar on Adipose Tissue Engineered Models for Studying Disease Processes at the University of Colorado. 

12/2020 - Professor Abbott gives a keynote at the World Biomaterial Congress for the special symposium on "Engineered microenvironments in disease."

11/2020 - features work by Tahlia on 3D printing silk.  

10/2020 - Professor Abbott is selected as a Fellow for the Innovative Models for Undergraduate Research Program. She will be developing a method for improving the scale of biomedical undergraduate research mentoring (beyond the classic 1-1 mentoring).

10/2020 - CMU publishes an article on Sean's computational work in the lab.

9/2020 - Congratulations to Megan for earning the Outstanding Poster Award at the CMU BME Forum. Her poster was on the use of non-invasive ultrasound for the degradation of silk biomaterials! 

9/2020 - CMU publishes an article on Tahlia's work on 3D printing silk.

9/2020 - Congratulations to Megan for earning the Dowd Fellowship!

8/2020 - Congratulations to Liz for earning an NIH-T32 fellowship under the Biomechanics in Regenerative Medicine (BiRM) training program!

8/2020 - Liz joins the lab!

7/2020 - Congratulations to Megan for earning the 2020 Krivobok-Brooks Award for Microscopy for her image of adipose tissue fibrosis! 

Adipose fibrosis

6/2020 - Professor Abbott presents the work she did to improve the Introduction to Biomedical Engineering class at the American Society of Engineering Education conference.  

5/2020 - Claude earns a GEM fellowship! Congratulations!

5/2020 - Mia earns Research Awards in both Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at graduation for her undergraduate work in the lab the last few years! We are so proud of her!

4/2020 - Professor Abbott helps organize the McGowan Institute Retreat where Megan and Mallory present their work!

3/2020 - Professor Abbott receives a Provost Inclusive Teaching Fellowship to diversify her course curriculum in Introduction to Biomedical Engineering.

1/2020 - Tahlia joins the lab!  

12/2019 - Professor Abbott helps organize and presents the lab's work on developing a screening platform for studying human obesogenic modes of action at the International Federation of Adipose Tissue Therapeutics and Science.

11/2019 - Megan, Mia, Isabelle, and Sean all present their work at the Biomedical Engineering Society!


11/2019 - Congratulations to Mia, Isabelle, Chantal, and Maya who all received SURG grants for their research in the lab! 

11/2019 - Professor Abbott and Megan give a joint seminar entitled "Biomaterials for Soft Tissue Defects" at the The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

9/2019 - Congratulations to Mallory for receiving an NIH-T32 fellowship under the Biomechanics in Regenerative Medicine (BiRM) training program!

9/2019 - Megan and Mallory present their work at the Carnegie Mellon Forum on Biomedical Engineering!

8/2019 - CMU does an article on Isabelle's research in the lab!

8/2019 - Claude joins the lab!

7/2019 - Congratulations to Megan for receiving a "Graduate Student Small Project Help" grant from CMU for characterizing the biological and mechanical properties of fibrotic adipose tissue to inform better treatments for Type 2 Diabetes.

6/2019 - Chantal and Maya join the lab!

4/2019 - Professor Abbott joins the editorial board of Biomimetics.

4/2019 - Professor Abbott gives a seminar entitled: "The use of in vitro tissue engineered models to study metabolic disease" to the Biomechanics and Regenerative Medicine Society jointly associated with CMU and University of Pittsburgh.

3/2019 - Professor Abbott gives a seminar entitled: "The use of in vitro tissue engineered models to study metabolic disease" at the Institute of Cellular Therapeutics at Allegheny General Hospital.

3/2019 - Megan presents her work at The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine retreat.


1/2019 - Professor Abbott gives a seminar entitled: "The use of in vitro tissue engineered models to study metabolic disease" at The Ohio State.

1/2019 - Isabelle and Kameron join the lab! 

12/2018 - Lab photo!


12/2018 - Professor Abbott presents the lab's work on engineering adipose tissue engineered models at the International Federation of Adipose Tissue Therapeutics and Science.

12/2018 - Professor Abbott is featured on "My Future Tech Podcast!" Check it out!  

12/2018 - Congratulations to Sean, Michelle, and Yugesh who all received SURG grants for their research in the lab! 

11/2018 - Professor Abbott joins the Institute for Green Science!

10/2018 - Some of the lab goes to the Regenerative Engineering Symposium!

lab photo

10/2018 - Professor Abbott and Paul go to BMES!

9/2018 - The lab attends the Carnegie Mellon Forum on Biomedical Engineering!

9/2018 - Paul's abstract is accepted as a poster to BMES!

9/2018 - Start of a new school year... and we are excited to have Brent and Shraiy join the lab!

8/2018 - Professor Abbott joins the editorial board of BMC Biomedical Engineering.

8/2018 - We are excited to welcome Mallory, Brent, and Joel to the lab!

8/2018 - A news article on the Abbott lab is featured on the CMU College of Engineering website.

7/2018 - Megan's paper is featured on Advanced Science News!

Advanced Science News article

6/2018 - Professor Abbott receives a secondary appointment as a Member Faculty in the McGowan Institue for Regenerative Medicine. 

5/2018 - Congratulations to Sean for getting a Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship! We are excited to have you in the lab this summer.

4/2018 - Professor Abbott receives the Wimmer Faculty Fellowship to re-design the Introduction to Biomedical Engineering class.

4/2018 - Congratulations to Mia and Paul for getting Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships! We are excited to have you in the lab this summer.

3/2018 - Professor Abbott attends the McGowan Institute Retreat. 

1/2018 - Professor Abbott is offered a courtesy appointment in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

1/2018 - Happy New Year! Michelle joins the lab!

10/2017 - Megan joins the lab! 

10/2017 - Professor Abbott attends BMES with CMU and gives a talk titled: "TNFalpha Stimulation Induces Patient-Specific Differences In Insulin Stimulated Glucose Uptake In 3D Adipose Tissue Models."

Picture of Ros at BMES

9/2017 - The Abbott lab welcomes its newest members Mia and Yugesh!

8/2017 - Professor Abbott joins the Biomedical Engineering department at CMU!