Carnegie Mellon University

SURA - Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship

The Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (SURA) course awards tuition-free elective credit to undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for existing faculty projects focused on undergraduate research or creative inquiry under the direction of a Carnegie Mellon faculty member.  Tenure track, teaching track, research track, librarian track, and special faculty may serve as SURA mentors.

SURA is a variable unit course with units awarded commensurate with hours worked as follows:

Units Minimum Hour Requirement
9 units   135 Hours
6 units 90 Hours
3 units 45 Hours

Course enrollment requires permission from Joanna Dickert, course instructor and Assistant Director in the Undergraduate Research Office (URO). Please contact Ms. Dickert to schedule an appointment to discuss enrollment.

Eligibility requirements for the SURA experience include:

  • Currently enrolled with undergraduate first-year or sophomore status.  Current juniors may be eligible and should contact Joanna Dickert to verify.
  • Baccalaureate degree in progress
  • No previous experience in research or creative inquiry at Carnegie Mellon 
  • Return to Carnegie Mellon as a full time student in the fall semester following the SURA experience
  • Students are limited to one SURA experience over the course of their undergraduate career

 Requirements for enrolled students:

  • Complete the required Internship Verification form in consultation with faculty mentor
  • Meet individually with career consultant in the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) to update resume
  • Meet individually with a tutor in the Global Communications Center (GCC) to  begin to develop a professional biography
  • Present your work at the Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Follow human subjects guidelines