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Faculty Position in Cellular and Microbial Systems, and/or Synthetic Biology

The Department of Biological Sciences is seeking a tenure-track faculty candidate applying cellular, microbial, and/or synthetic biology approaches to study health, pathogenesis, and/or the environment.

The successful candidate may be using experimental, computational and/or theoretical approaches to investigate fundamental or applied questions in areas including but not limited to, microbial community engineering, synthetic circuit design, bioengineering, and biosensor development.

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Faculty Cluster Search in Environmental Science and Engineering, and Synthetic Biology

Carnegie Mellon is in the midst of an exciting growth phase in the area of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Synthetic Biology. The Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, seek tenure-track faculty candidates using experimental, theoretical or computational approaches to investigate or engineer environmental systems.

Areas of interest include, Biological Circuit Design, Cell Reprogramming, Microbial Community Engineering, and Ecosystem Science and Engineering. People working in the following areas are especially encouraged to apply: synthetic chemical roles in endocrine disruption and their interactions with ecological systems; biological assays that can promote the design of sustainable molecules and materials, microbial community engineering and/or synthetic biology for bioremediation, sustainable energy, and/or environmental monitoring; and biosensor development.

CMU fosters transdisciplinary collaborative approaches to compelling societal challenges and is looking for candidates who would benefit from, and contribute to, an environment that fosters campus-wide, multi-departmental collaborative research projects.

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