Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome to the Academic Advisory Center (AAC)!

The AAC is the "home base" for the college's students prior to declaration of a major.  Its advisors provide information, advice, and counsel about scheduling, the General Education Program (GenEd) requirements in the college and the various majors and minors available.  Advising, as part of the education process, involves helping students develop a realistic self-perceptions and successfully transition to postsecondary study by offering encouragement, respect, and assistance in establishing student's goals and objectives.  Upon admission, each Dietrich College student has the opportunity to develop a relationship with an Academic Advisor in the Center. 

Spring 2015 Dietrich College:

April 16 & 17 -- no classes

April 20 -- Fall 2015 Senior Registration

April 22 -- Fall 2015 Junior Registration

April 23 -- Fall 2015 Sophomore Registration

April 24 -- Fall 2015 Freshman Registration (students enrolled in Spring 2015 semester)

May 1 -- Last Day of Classes

May 19 -- Final Grades Due by 4pm

May 20 --QPA and Academic Audit updated