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Stephen Brockmann explores the relationship between literature and culture as it relates to German national identity.

Sheldon Cohen studies the effects of stress and social support on immunity and susceptibility to infectious disease.

Baruch Fischhoff helps the public deal with health, safety and environmental risks.

Timothy Haggerty examines changing roles of masculinity, new cultural roles for men and policy issues concerning sexuality and military service.

Marcel Just -  fMRI and other technologies to uncover the architecture of human thought.

Alex John London studies foundational issues in human research, issues of transnational social justice and methodological issues in theoretical and applied ethics.

George Loewenstein
studies the border between economics and psychology, particularly in the areas of consumer decision-making, privacy and behavioral economics.

Kathy Newman is a popular and mass culture expert primarily interested in the relationship between television, film, radio and print media and social and political formations.

Steven Schlossman is a social and policy historian who specializes in a variety of 19th and 20th century U.S. history topics, including education, childhood and parenting; juvenile and criminal justice; the politics of military recruitment; and the history of sports – especially golf.

Kiron Skinner one of the country’s most renowned experts in international relations, U.S. foreign policy and political strategy.

Joel Tarr researches the history of the urban environment and the development of urban technological systems.

Joe Trotter is a specialist in U.S. urban, labor, and African-American history.

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The Dietrich College welcomes journalists and offers assistance to print, broadcast and online media. For more information on policies and procedures, please contact Shilo Rea, director of public relations, at 412-268-6094.

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