Summer (re)CHARGE Program-CMARC - Carnegie Mellon University

Summer (re)CHARGE Program

Summer (re)CHARGE is a collaborative, campus-wide initiative designed to ensure that all students are able to maximize their opportunities and take advantage of all that Carnegie Mellon University has to offer. This program is the perfect option for rising sophomores and juniors who are:

  • exploring a new major that might be a better fit
  • needing to enhance their academic profile
  • longing for a greater connection with the university community
  • interested in re-taking a pre-requisite course
  • planning a return to the university after a leave of absence

Program Details

  • Summer (re)CHARGE takes place during summer session one: May 22 - June 30, 2017.
  • Participants will take an academic course chosen in collaboration with the departmental advisor.
  • Participants will also enroll in a 3-unit seminar course to assist in building on student strengths and development in growth areas.
  • Each student will receive individualized advisement to provide opportunities for self-assessment and the creation of a strategic plan to meet established goals.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to live on campus in order to take advantage of the residential community aspect of the program.
  • Mentorship opportunities will be made available.
  • Summer financial support is available, as needed.
Summer Studies

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The application deadline 
is May 10, 2017.