Carnegie Mellon University

Copying & Printing

Tartan Ink provides a variety of services such as color and black & white printing, copying, scanning, folding, binding, trimming, laminating, posters & banners, padding, NCR forms, booklets, etc. If you would like to see if we offer a specific service, please contact us.

You can submit your project from anywhere through our digital storefront, WebCopy. You can also submit an order at one of our locations or contact us.

Orders can be submitted through WebCopy, e-mail, CMU Box, inter-office mail, flash media, or hardcopy at our locations. While we accept all current software, our preferred file type is pdf.

Your final original document should be error free - Tartan Ink is not responsible for typos or content errors in your documents once they are approved. If your document needs formatting, please notify us before submission.

A few quick tips are available on our WebCopy page. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us.

Once we receive your work order, the turnaround time will be determined based on the nature and size of your work order. We strive to accommodate all deadlines. Please state your deadlines when ordering either by email, in person, or through WebCopy.

1 to 2 business days

Regular posters can be done same day.

Tartan Ink offers free estimates. You can obtain a free estimate by contacting us.  Please have the following information:

  • Is the project new or a reprint?
  • Number of original pages to be printed
  • Quantity to be made
  • Finished page size
  • Paper weight and color
  • Ink color(s)
  • How the work will be submitted (camera-ready, disk, etc.)
  • Design information (photos, bleeds, etc.)
  • Finishing work (folding, stapling, etc.)
  • Delivery date

When you place your order, indicate how you would like to receive your order.

  • Pick up at Tartan Ink in the basement of the Cohon University Center
  • Pick up at the Tepper Copy Center
  • Delivered to your office or department

We cannot deliver to a student mailbox.

Yes. We offer a typesetting/production service in which we can create your documents using the elements and originals you provide. Please contact us for more information about this convenient service.

Place an order online. Log in with your Andrew ID and follow the online instructions. For more detailed instructions, visit our Business Card page.

Only special orders can be processed through email. All business cards must be paid through WebCopy by choosing a Special Order item in the Catalog. For more instructions, please visit the Business Card page. Email the business card details to the Production Center. All orders must be paid in full before we begin processing your cards.

Once we receive your request, we will then typeset your card and send you a pdf proof for your approval. Approval must be received before printing starts. Once your business card is approved, it will be printed, trimmed and delivered within 3 to 5 days.

CMU approved templates are available in the Webcopy Catalog.

All payments for business cards is processed through WebCopy. Faculty and staff may pay by Oracle string. Personal or student business cards must be paid by credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).


Additionally, here are the Department of State guidelines.

The Office of International Education lists all the requirements on their Employment Options website.

Bulk External Mailing

For presort First-Class Mail, you must have at least 500 pieces to qualify for any postage discounts. For presort Standard Mail, you must have at least 200 pieces to qualify.

Yes, but it must be university related material and cannot include any third party commerce. If we print your mailer, we will add the indicia to the mailing panel artwork. If your piece is already printed or you are using office envelopes, we will add the indicia when we address your piece.

Many factors determine the actual cost of postage. We can provide an estimated postage amount as soon as your mailing list is received, but exact postage can’t be provided until your mailing list is run through the presort process. Mailing letter sized pieces standard mail usually costs about 1/3 of what mailing it first class would cost.

It depends on the complexity of your project. Typically processing takes 3 to 5 business days after we receive all components of the mailing.

If you choose to mail by presort standard (including nonprofit), the Postal Service estimates 7 to 14 business days for delivery. If you choose First-Class, the USPS estimates 3 to 5 business days for delivery. We have done testing on local standard mailings and found that the pieces usually arrive quicker than the USPS estimates.

The USPS is stepping up its efforts to reduce the amount of undeliverable as addressed mail. Therefore in order to receive discounted postage, all address lists must be updated within 95 days of the actual mailing date. The United States Postal Service has multiple ways to ensure this requirement has been met. Please review the USPS requirements.

UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet

It is located in Tartan Ink, which is located in the basement of the Cohon University Center.

Yes. Verify carrier is UPS and the label is valid.

USPS packages should be dropped off at the Postal Services also located in the basement of the Cohon University Center.

Any dimension over 161 inches
Bank bills, notes or currency (other than coin)
Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains
Dry ice over 5.2 pounds
Hazardous waste
Industrial diamonds
Lithium ion batteries not in a device
Marijuana, including marijuana intended for medicinal use
Note: Not all commodities can be shipped to all countries.
Package weight over 150 pounds
Postage stamps
Shark fins

Note: Shipments prohibited by law

Department Copiers & Printers

  • Reboot – Turn your machine off and then on again.
  • Make sure paper is in tray the machine is trying to use.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to remove a jam.
  • Open and close the paper tray and/or front door to clear jams.

To make a service call or order supplies for your copier or printer, a request should be submitted online through Copier Trouble. A Carnegie Mellon University login is required.

Our Technician will respond within one hour. If a vendor technician is called in to help for service, they should arrive within four business hours. If the vendor technician does not arrive within this timeframe, please contact us

We offer both copiers and printers.

Our copier recommendations are based on your department’s needs, such as speed, volume, and finishing options. Please see our Copier page for more details on the process.

Printers vary widely in their capabilities and the best options are always changing. See our Printer page for more details.

Your department may either buy or lease a copier or printer. If you buy a copier, we recommend adding our services for the life of your new copier.

Yes. You may add our service to units you already have, no matter how old.

The life of your unit will vary based on the unit’s make and model as well as how much you use it. In general, copiers last 5 to 7 years while printers last 3 to 4 years.

In most cases, Tartan Ink is responsible for damage to the unit including when caused by a fire, water damage or theft.  However, the department is expected to take care to protect the items from damage. The department is also required to notify Tartan Ink as soon as possible related to actual or suspected damage.

Any intentional damage will be the responsibility of department.  Tartan Ink provides specific guidance in how to protect the item and not following it causes or contributes to a loss, the department may be responsible in whole or in part.

Trials for copiers are free. We currently do not trial printers.

2 to 3 trials are recommended for copiers. We currently do not trial printers.

After meeting with your department representative, your department picks 1 to 3 units to trial. Once the choices are finalized, the delivery time is based on unit availability from the manufacturer. Each trial is two weeks.

Yes. We recommended keeping the current unit in case there are difficulties during the trial period.

Yes. Please let us know how you would like your unit billed before choosing your copier. Our staff accountant is willing to work with your requirements such as a % split or user codes with individual charge strings.