Carnegie Mellon University

Department Copiers and Printers 

In addition to our on-campus copy, print, and ship centers, the Office of Tartan Ink offers departments the opportunity to meet their copying and printing needs within their offices. We currently support over 200 units across campus. Our experienced staff provides set-up, maintenance, and supplies for copiers and printers of various sizes. Whatever your office needs, we will work with you to find the copier or printer that will fit your space, budget, and preferences. 

Our programs are split between the Convenience Copier Program and the Managed Printer Program based on the type of unit needed.

As part of our programs, you benefit from the following:


  • State-of-the-art, secure copiers and printers
  • Energy-efficient equipment
  • Environmental & monetary savings
  • Flash drive/USB capability
  • Individual copier code for account management capability, optional
  • Secure print/scan-erase after documents have printed/scanned
  • Standardization of all devices within departments for easy and convenient operation
  • Multiple model choices selected to match your specific departmental needs
  • Device relocation with additional fee
  • Solutions based on your needs
  • On-site copier trials (not available for printers)
  • Free initial copier training from the vendor
  • Free on-going training from our technician
  • Secure copier hard drive removal with additional fee


Photo of the front of the Cohen University Center building on CMU's campus
No Hassle
  • Our team manages and negotiates the contracts with vendors
  • Our team reviews maintenance call histories with vendors quarterly
  • Invoices go directly to the Tartan Ink team
  • Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program team manages meter reporting and billing with the vendor
  • Department oracle strings billed by the Tartan Ink Accountant
  • Individual copy code account management and billing available for copiers
  • Volume details available in reports formatted to match department needs


  • Monthly maintenance rate that includes parts, toner, and labor for copiers
  • Monthly maintenance rate to waive some services fees for printers
  • Copier staples may be purchased through the technician
  • Printer parts and supplies may be purchased through the technician
  • On-campus technician has over 25 years of technical experience
  • On-campus inventory
  • Online ticket system - Andrew ID required
  • Technician responds within one hour during business hours
  • If needed, an outside service vendor will respond within four hours during business hours on average.

The Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program and Tartan Ink Managed Printer Program have helped departments at Carnegie Mellon University to make the best use of resources for over 30 years.  Under these programs, we listen and collaborate with your department to provide the best unit for your space and document service needs. We deliver a convenient, worry-free experience and offer value-added, friendly, efficient service beyond the installation. 

Even if you are not part of a program, we can provide support for your office unit for a fee by request.