Carnegie Mellon University

Our reputation is our stamp on every piece of mail we deliver.


This site will familiarize you with the mail services offered at Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services. We hope it will assist you in obtaining the best possible mailing results in the most cost-effective manner.

We will accomplish this by empowering and training our staff to work as a team with continuous improvement as our team goal.

We are here to help you and will be happy to answer questions and assist you in successfully planning and completing your projects.


Postal Services Holiday Hours

Postal Services will open at 10:00am on Wednesday December 19, 2018 after the Division of Operations breakfast. Postal Services will close at 12:00pm (noon) on Friday December 21, 2018 for the FMCS Holiday lunch. We will not open again until 9:00am on Wednesday January 2, 2019. During this time the USPS collection bin in the CMU Post Office lobby will be closed to avoid any confusion regarding the next collection time. There is a USPS collection box at the outbound PAT stop near Forbes Avenue and Morewood Avenue. If you need stamps or postage during these periods, please visit your local USPS Post Office. The nearest locations are:

Oakland Post Office
347 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Squirrel Hill Post Office
1800 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Please be advised that any outgoing mail placed in our USPS collection bin will not leave our location until the afternoon of January 2, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Personal Packages for Faculty and Staff

Personal packages destined for faculty or staff should not be addressed to a campus location. Having personal packages sent to campus locations, especially during the holidays, can overload the campus mail system. This can lead to significant delays for items deemed time-critical and essential to the operation of the university. Convenient and secure SMC mailboxes are available to rent in order to receive personal packages on campus.

Medical and Time-Critical Items

Please be sure to use your correct address when sending medical and time-critical items to your campus location. Any mail or parcels bearing an address that does not contain enough information for delivery will be returned to the sender. Faculty and staff deliveries must include the name, department, building abbreviation, and room number. Mail or parcels destined for an SMC must include the name and SMC within the address. Please verfy that the sender has the correct information before placing an order so that the mail or parcel is able to be delivered correctly and in a timely manner.

Addressing Mail to CMU

Please be sure to double-check your address when sending mail/parcels to your campus location. Any mail/parcels that do not contain enough information will be returned to the sender. The correct format for addressing mail to an SMC mailbox is:

5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC ####
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-####

#### refers to you SMC number. Mail/parcels with addresses that do not contain both the name and SMC number will be returned to the sender. Additional information regarding SMC Mailboxes can be found here.

The correct format for addressing mail to a department is:

Department, Building Abbreviation, Room #
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Mail/parcels with addresses that do not contain the name and department will be returned to the sender. Additional information regarding departmental mail can be found here.