Carnegie Mellon University

Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program 

The Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program provides a service to meet departmental print and copy requirements.  Our value-added services go beyond those provided when leasing directly from a dealer. We continue to improve upon our vendor relationships for further concessions within this market for the units we lease and service.

Moreover, our staff provides administrative support such as meter read reporting and invoice processing. Our skilled, on site technicians service your units for regular maintenance and repairs. Supplies for your units are kept in an on-campus inventory for rapid restocking when you run low. Additionally, your department would continue to promote services within Carnegie Mellon University keeping university funds in-house.

Process to Obtain a New Unit

  • Contact us
  • Initial meeting to discuss unit and departmental needs
  • Follow up meeting to review custom proposal
  • Choose units to try in your department
  • Scheduled trial of units picked from the custom proposal
  • Two weeks per unit
  • Determine if additional features or requirements are needed
  • Provide user feedback
  • Choose a unit from the trial phase
  • Sign a contract with the Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program
  • We handle the rest!
  • Invoices processed by Tartan Ink administration
  • Meter reads collected and reported
  • Department billed via Oracle monthly
  • Contracts managed and negotiated with vendors
  • Reviews unit maintenance and call history with vendors quarterly
  • User code management & billing available upon request
  • Additional monthly reporting available upon request
  • Single point of contact

  • On campus technicians & supply inventory
  • Copier Trouble application
    • Response within one business hour
    • Supplies delivered within two business hours
  • Free on-going unit training
  • Loaner units available during extended, interrupted services or emergencies

  • Printing services with free delivery available during interrupted services

The Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program and Tartan Ink Printer Program have helped departments at Carnegie Mellon University to make the best use of resources for over 30 years.  Under these programs, we listen and collaborate with your department to provide the best unit for your space and document service needs. We deliver a convenient, worry-free experience and offer value-added, friendly, efficient service beyond the installation. 

To find a copier that meets your needs, please contact us to schedule a meeting.