Carnegie Mellon University

Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program 

The Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program offers an opportunity for each department to meet their copying needs with our value-added services that go beyond what vendors provide when leasing directly from a copier manufacturer. Additionally, your department would promote internal services within Carnegie Mellon University. Our experienced staff can provide contract negotiating with vendors, administrative support, as well as maintenance and supplies for your copiers.

Before your department invests in a new unit, the Account Manager can arrange trials of the recommended models. Your user base can experience the benefits of each copier on location before determining the best option.

As soon as trials start, the Technician will oversee all service and maintenance issues relating to the copier. Service and maintenance costs are included in the monthly fee. All parts, toner, and labor are included in this fee along with copier maintenance at copier standard intervals as determined by the copier model chosen.

After obtaining the best model, the Billing Administrator will take on the administrative burden associated with leasing a copier by reporting the meter reads to the vendor, processing invoices, and completing departmental charges for the copier within Oracle. The Billing Administrator also provides usage reports configured to match your department’s needs.

The Tartan Ink Convenience Copier Program can present multiple, detailed options for copier units paired with our holistic services.

The proposed prices are the lowest considering volume and educational discounts. The monthly maintenance fee includes all parts, toner, and labor. The rates for black & white copies and color copies are separated into different rates. All charges will be for actual usage during the month for accurate and easy payments.

Costs not included are staples, copier moves, and hard drive removals. Staples for the copier may be purchased from the Tartan Ink Technician. The fee for moving a copier within a building is $100 with a move between buildings starting at $100. The fee for hard drive removal will be $175 per unit.

We listen and collaborate with your department to provide the best unit for your space and document service needs. We deliver a convenient, worry-free experience and offer value-added, friendly, efficient service beyond the installation. 

To find a copier that meets your needs, please contact Patricia Herbster to schedule a meeting.