Carnegie Mellon University

Request Services or Supplies

To ask for service or order supplies, submit a ticket through Copier Trouble. An Andrew ID is required.

  • A Technician will respond within one business hour
  • Supplies will be delivered within two business hours

If a copier experiences extended, interrupted services, a loaner unit will be made available. Tartan Ink also has copy centers available on campus. Free delivery provided from the copy center to the department experiencing difficulty.

Supplies may also be stored within your department or near the unit(s) if space is provided. Most devices will not function if a single toner runs out. For example, a color copier will not print even black & white copies if the yellow toner runs out. To limit the time your machine is down, please report supply needs promptly. The Technicians can pick-up all unused supplies. 

Parts needed for repairs are not kept in inventory. These would be ordered as needed.