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What Are My Responsibilities?

What Are My Responsibilities?

In coordination with the Office for Sponsored Projects (OSP), the Export Compliance Group in the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) and the Principal Investigator should conduct a review of the research project and contract provisions to determine whether and, if so how, a particular research project may be impacted by the regulations. The University will assist PIs in assessing the application of such regulations, but primary compliance responsibility rests with the principal investigator of the research.

Principal Investigators have the following responsibilities:

  • prior to commencing any research, to review and cooperate with OSP and ORIC to determine whether your research is impacted by the controls or requirements contained within export regulations; and
  • to re-evaluate that determination before changing the scope or adding new staff to the project to determine if such changes affect the initial determination; and
  • to make export determinations far enough in advance to obtain a license, should one be required; and
  • to understand the severe consequences of non-compliance with export control laws (fine and/or jail, loss of funding).