Carnegie Mellon University

Collaborating Visitors to CMU

Federal laws related to Export Control, Foreign Asset Control and national security prohibit certain types of information sharing and financial transactions with non-US individuals and institutions. As part of the university’s effort to comply with these laws, we conduct “Restricted Party Screening” (RPS) for non-US, invited visitors and /or visiting scholars, as well as their affiliated institutions. RPS must be completed prior to communicating any type of commitment, and to avoid withdrawal of any issued invitation or offer letters. This is important as there are severe civil and criminal, personal and institutional penalties for violating the regulations. RPS involves comparing individuals and organizations to the various governmental lists of prohibited, restricted and debarred individuals and entities. CMU uses vendor supplied software that checks against approximately 170 different restricted party lists.  Additionally, export compliance review is also required to ensure that the proposed visit complies with CMU policies and procedures, as well as relevant federal laws and regulations.

RPS and export compliance review is conducted by CMU Visitor Support and must be performed for non-US, invited visitors and /or visiting scholars, as well as their affiliated institutions.  To facilitate this process, please complete the CMU Collaborating Visitor Questionnaire and send to Please allow five (5) business days for Visitor Support to process your request.  Additional information and processing time may be required should any issues arise during RPS and/or export compliance review.

For more details, please visit the Collaborating Visitor Guidance web site, or contact Visitor Support via email at or 412-268-3074.