Carnegie Mellon University


All individuals involved in the care and use of animals at CMU are required to complete online training.

Online training is provided via CITI.  To complete training start at the CITI website

Refer to the CITI login instructions [PDF] to access the CITI training site.

All CMU employees and students have a CMU issued Andrew ID and should use Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure that the course record is linked to your CMU activity.

If you've used CITI prior to CMU having SSO, please check your CITI account and confirm that your CMU email address ( and your first and last name (per your official CMU record) are part of your CITI profile. This allows your previous CITI records to be matched with your current CITI and CMU activity.

A number of courses are listed in the section "The Care and Use of Animlas in Research".  Choose courses related to your area of research.  Everyone involved in research including animals must complete the course titled: "Working with the IACUC Basics".