Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Documents and Forms

  • COI Guidelines [PDF]
  • COI Subcontractor Guidelines [PDF]
  • COI Quick Reference [PDF] 
  • The forms below may be used in lieu of SPARCS only in the circumstances described, and only at the request of a member of ORIC:
    • PHS External Collaborator Disclosure [DOC] - for subcontractors or consultants outside CMU who cannot access SPARCS. This form is only used for PHS-funded projects and only for certain collaborators; discuss with ORIC before sending this to a collaborator.
    • COI Disclosure [DOC] - for investigators at CMU who cannot access SPARCS but must complete a disclosure at ORIC's request, either because they do not yet have an Andrew ID to access SPARCS, or because a system outage has made SPARCS unavailable and the disclosure must be made immediately.
  • Public Request Form [DOC] - for members of the public requesting FCOI information

If you have questions you may contact someone in ORIC by e-mailing, calling 412-268-5858, or looking for information on the ORIC website.